Just a Quickie!

June 1, 2008

So I am baling out on diaryland and haloscan and blah blah blah!  I’m tired of the quirks and kinks and frustration.   Today, it seemed Haloscan was causing all of the pages to load soooooo slow!  Once I could read someones entry and attempted to leave a comment, Haloscan ate the comments up.  SO frustrating!

Anyhoo.  I am trying this site out.  Not completely up and ready yet but I’m getting there.  We’ll see how I like wordpress!  And for now, this is just a “test entry” if you will.  Just to see how it all looks and blah blah blah.  It looks promising however.  You actually get an editor window to do your entry in, unlike the archaic box of nothing I grew accustomed to at that “other” site!

Going to test plunking in an image now too.  We’ll see how this goes…..

Princess Ipo sleeps

DANG!!  That was like ….ummm….SO FLIPPIN EASY EH!!!  WOOTNESS as the good ol Poolie would say!

Sooooo, I think that is all the playing I can do for one day.  I’m actually beat from doing pretty much nothing at all today except watch the painter dude paint the trim around the pool.  It was truly and exhaustive experience!  Such responsibility I had all the way up from my balcony I tell you.  The good thing was that it was SUNNY today!  Actually an absolutely wonderful and gorgeous day.

I’m off to catch up on the other blogs.  Looks like everyone has been busy over the past couple of hours.  I’m sure things will be much more interesting at those sites than this one is right now!

Chow chow!



  1. Ack… everybody’s jumping ship from Diaryland. I guess I will sooner or later, too. I like the friends options on Diaryland but you’re right, the comments and crapola are just too much to handle any more. I have a diary here and didn’t really want to advertise it to the world at large – but they found it anyway, so what the hell, eh? Oh – I’m Radiogurl/Blue Opal on Diaryland – TwisterJester virtually everywhere else, LOL.

  2. Welcome to WordPress!! Looking good, Chickadee!

  3. I’ve got wordpress too!

  4. heya shippee!! here i is!! i dont use wordpress, im a blogger fan!! this is wonderbar!!

  5. Welcome to WordPress!! Now I will have to add you to my Google Reader so I don’t miss an update. Haloscan drives me batty. It was causing my Diaryland page to hang up yesterday, which made NO SENSE as I thought I had removed all traces of HS from my page. But alas, I missed the script in my code in my template. Once I removed that, WHOOSH! My page appeared with no problems at all. Email me if you have any questions!! I can also show you how to add photos that are hosted elsewhere (like Photobucket or Flickr).

  6. Heyyyy, welcome to the dark side! Look how comfy the puppers is here!

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