The good, the bad and the simple

June 5, 2008

Happy day today. The distant sound of water. Yes indeed the time has finally come and it was verified as I stepped out onto the balcony and looked across the courtyard. The pool is being filled!! It’s about time too now that we’re into June for crying out loud. Yes the weather here has been sucky, cold and not conducive for splashing around in the water as of late but perhaps this signals that summer is indeed finally here! I can’t wait to take my noodle in and start splashing around! I feel like a little 6 year old who just received a ten dollar bill from grandma to spend on anything I wanted but not being brought to the store for weeks. Such a tease it’s been looking out at that empty hole the past few weeks!

I have to say I feel like a major heathen. I really am shocked that I didn’t have more company in the high fine group! (referring to the morality fine assessment entry here)  I found out that my sweetie wife took the test and scored horrifically lower than me.  I REALLY married a good gal!  I think she, despite knowing most of my previous antics, was equally shocked at my high score.  She only scored $135, so heya bluesleepy, you’re not alone!

I’ve read a lot entries today that surround the topic of inhumane treatment of humans to each other.  It really is sad that things have changed so much in terms of respect and basic decent care and concern for our fellow man.  As a whole people seem to have grown more and more ugly to one another and increasingly out for only themselves.

So I decided to share a little story to show that random acts of kindness, concern and selflessness do still exist and are alive and well.  I have to reflect on this much as I need to limit the amount of crap I subject myself to through the newspaper, television news programs and what not.  There’s so much negativity in all of it and it starts to drain on me and bum me out after awhile if I don’t get myself focused on some positive actions.  I actually made the decision some years ago to discontinue reading the newspaper altogether because of the repeated negativity in the same stories day after day after day with only the names and places being changed.  I had to as I found myself feeling helpless in being able to bring or even see good in the world anymore.  True, I miss out on some of the newsworthy events, but honestly the things I really need to know or hear about I do thru family, friends and all of your blogs so I don’t need to read and watch all that stuff.

A few weeks ago Kels and I were doing a race against time to get a whack load of mailings out for the canoe club’s upcoming open house.  It was a dreary cold day and the rain was pouring down to make it even more lovely.  Kels pulled into a shopping centre that had a mailbox outside and I jumped out with the boxes to stuff that thing plum full with almost 900 envelopes.  As I finished and turned toward the car to race back in and have shelter from the downpour I noticed Kels was out of the car and standing in the middle of the laneway in front of the shops.  She was speaking to an elderly woman of about 70 years old who had one of those portable carts in front of her that was loaded to the gills.

I stood by the car watching what she was doing and assessing if I too needed to go over to her.  Next thing I see is Kels taking the womans cart and they were both coming back to the car.  Kels told me that she offered to give the woman a ride home as her cart had a bad wheel on it.  the woman had the think loaded up with food and four twelve packs of water which was most likely way over the weight limit for this cart.  Kels asked if I minded.  Bwah!  Of course I didn’t mind!  It broke my heart imagining this little old lady pushing this cart across the parking lot in the pouring rain much less a few blocks.  This woman told Kels she only lived a few blocks away and that she does this ‘walk’ all of the time but yes, she would appreciate a lift.

Given that we have a two-door vehicle and the trunk, as well as most of the back seat, was packed with stuff for the canoe club and dragon boat team I knew there was no way I was going to fit in the back seat and still be able to fit this womans cart and groceries.  No problem.  I hoofed her cart and groceries in to the back seat, slid the front seat back as far as it could to assist with getting this woman into the car comfortably, and told Kels to just drive her home and then come back to pick me up.

After about twenty minutes Kels came back to get me and we headed home.  Turns out this woman was actually approaching 80 years old and lived more than a few blocks away.  Not only that she has a very busy intersection to cross prior to reaching her home.  Not a good thing for someone of her age especially in the rain.  Kels had a great conversation with this lady as she heard about her history of being in a German concentration camp with her family, her travels to Canada and setting up residency her, her family, as well as the origin of her name.  Apparently she hated her name for so many years but when she learned the meaning of it she giggles now often when she says her name.  Her name is Sylvia and I guess somewhere it refers to the bush or woods or something like that, and her mom had told her she named her that because that is where she was conceived.

Sylvia thank Kels up and down.  Kels assured her it was not a problem at all and was happy to help.  Kels apologized to me when she picked me up in the rain but said she just couldn’t let that poor woman walk home trying to push her broken over-stuffed cart.  I in turn told her there was no reason at all to apologize as if I had seen her first I would have done the same thing.  I was happy that she did it.  I was yet again reminded of one of the many reasons I am so grateful to have a woman such as her in my life, as my best friend and as my wife.

There are a lot of jerks out there among us who would just drive right past her without giving a thought to helping her, or worse yet taken advantage of her feebleness and taken all of her groceries.  Equally true, there are a lot people who would have done the exact same thing Kels did and for that I smile and have hope.  In light of all the awful and sad things we have hitting us from every direction, it’s times such as this that I look for to remind me that I don’t have to be a part of all that crap, and that even these small acts make a difference in the grand scheme of things.  A positive difference.  These are the things I try to focus on when everything seems so dismal around me.  We all can make a positive impact even if seems everyone around us is doing everything to the contrary.



  1. That’s why I don’t watch the news on TV… btw, I scored $305 on your test…. but you didn’t tag me, so I didn’t respond….

  2. ok ima idioty! i wanna do the quiz fine thingy, but theres no link? or, is it hidden, and ya gotta know the secret code?

  3. Wow, I DO feel better that Kel scored lower than me! lol

    Thank you so much for posting this, about how thoughtfulness and caring for our fellow man still exists. It renews my faith in people. I knew you and Kel were wonderful people, and this just goes to prove it. Thanks again. *HUGS*

  4. PS — I read my local newspaper still, mainly for Dear Abby and the comics. But there is a lot in there that celebrates the area, stuff that you couldn’t get anywhere else. Every week they profile a local student and his/her accomplishments, and they’ll also focus on an adult and his/her job. They also have a Then & Now segment that features an old photo of the area and what that area looks like now. I don’t read the Providence Journal, though I get the weekend edition for the coupons, because most of it’s bad news. It’s like it aspires to be like the Washington Post or the New York Times. Gah.

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