Stinky sweaty mama

June 7, 2008

I’m hot.

I’m sitting here just breathing and I’m sweaty.

I probably smell.

I am sure I look hideous and skanky.

The temps projected for the weekend are to be in the 90’s but with the humidity it will supposedly feel like 105-110. Pffft.

We don’t have a/c yet in our 12 floor apartment. We will melt.

The pool is not yet filled and just sits there taunting us with its half filled status.

Thank god we face north and don’t get the beasty direct heat of the sun. (yes, I insisted on north facing digs)

My legs look like a flippin feeding ground for mosquitoes from our bbq last night.  Or perhaps I just have a raging case of chicken pox.

We’re going to head over to the in-laws tonight to steal use of their central air for a respite. So they don’t feel like we are using them only for their a/c we are going to gussy up MIL’s hair for their 43’rd anniversary shing ding tonight. (MIL had major hand surgery recently and can’t do anything with the one hand much less primp herself for a night out on the town.)

We will also say we are in dire need of painting our toenails and the polish just won’t dry with the humid and hot condition of our living quarters.

So no. We aren’t just going over there to steal their a/c for the sake of being cool.

Ha. Yes we are!

Ugh. I’m too hot to post anything else today. I hope you are all finding yourself well and in a cool surrounding.

I’m off to watch Hillary’s concession speech. Should be interesting.



  1. Yeah, you do smell! I can smell you from here!

    From Shippie: Beanie is a meanie! Waaa!!

  2. You should live in Tombstone! Down here, it’s a DRY HEAT! Bwah-hah-hah-hah! Right now, it’s 90, which feels like, well, 90; and a low of 64. Which, of course, feels, well, heavenly! The humidity is only 15%.

    Then again, my roses are gasping, as are my delicate little pansies. Must go water them before they drop from lack of water.

  3. I smell too, if it makes you feel any better. We went to the zoo in Boston today, where it was a gajillion degrees.

  4. That fooking humidty is what kills ya’. I’m so sorry that you are hot and stinky. My regards to Kel…

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