Broken LP

June 8, 2008


I feel as though I’m being cheated, and cheated big time.  Our dream life is supposed to be an escape in a sense.  A place our lil ol’ spirits go while our bodies are resting to have fun and frolic and experience new things.

My dream life is stuck.  It’s warped.  It’s as if my dream life is an old LP that has a scratch on it and so the stylus keeps skipping in the same spot over and over again.  I am feeling cheated.  I want to pick up that stylus and move it to the next song where there are no scratches to make it skip.

I find myself more and more often waking and reflecting back on dreams I’ve already had and trying to peck away at each detail I can remember to find the subtle difference so that I don’t feel completely cheated.  It’s not fair!  This has been going on for months and months now.

Seems as if so many of my dreams involve moving, and always have two people that I used to share a house with a few years ago as key players.  Last night I had the recurring ‘house’ in my dream.  It’s a house I’ve never seen yet architectually I must say it is incredible.   Well, until you figure in the wee detail that one entire side of the house has no wall and instead opens up to a hair salon and hallway of a strip mall, but who needs full privacy eh?  And the house I swear is like an over sized tree house, yet I never seem to be able to completely verify this in my dream.

I’m being cheated I tell you!  I don’t even care for the two old friends any longer that reappear in these ‘moving’ dreams; ugh, I’m always moving.  I have moved way too many times in my life.  I certainly don’t care to be having that kind of stress in my waking hours.

I long for the dreams again where I’m flying and seeing all of natures wonders again.  Or living under water.  Or hells bells, even having wild crazy sex.  I don’t care!  I just don’t want to be spending any more time in this house I’ve never seen or packing boxes with two people I’ve long ago said my goodbyes to.  Give me back the psychedelic colors and playful innocence of flying thru time!!



  1. sounds like you inna rut, and i been in that rut too!! takes time to climb out, and with patience things will happen!! as your auntie sez, “breathe, grasshopper!” (((((((HUGS)))))))

  2. wow! that is some dream you’re having. i dunno what to tell you. have you tried to use one of those dream interpreting books or websites? perhaps they might be able to give you some insight into why you’re having these repetitive dreams. hope things pick up soon for ya hun.

  3. Wow, that’s odd you’re having the same strange dream over and over again. Maybe it’s the heat getting to you?? Ha ha. No, really, hon — I hope the psychedelic colors come back to you soon!!!

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