Behind and Sandy warning

June 20, 2008

Ack!!  I am soooooooo incredibly behind in reading blogs!  For cripes sake, I just can’t get myself caught up.  I think my google reader says there are 73 entries right now that I haven’t read yet.  Eek!!  I am trying to get caught up and have missed peeking in on a lot your lives!

I need to update something on that old Sandy of mine and the Flying DNA that I wrote about last.  I feel I must cite a ‘warning’ to any of you who may get the guts up to try and sand your own feet, or someone else feet!  Make SURE you are upwind when doing your feet, and most definitely if you are indeed doing someone else’s.  You really should consider wearing one of those white dust masks!

Kel mentioned her mom had really bad feet too.  Sooooo we decide to go over to her place and surprise her!!  We had dinner, and then I set up ‘the salon’ in the garage, had her come out and sit, close her eyes and trust me as I disrobed her feet and started up a power tool. Ha!  She loved it though.  Unfortunately all that skin dust went straight into my shnozzer!  I think I’m still sneezing from it.

I had to go to Rona yesterday and get some wood cut so that I can properly install the a/c units.  I gave up on trying to saw the damn wood myself as I was going at an angle and was almost frustrated enough to throw the damn wood and the saw off the balcony.  My luck I’d make contact with some poor soul and end up in prison for manslaughter or something.  So, while the sweet and adorable boy was cutting my wood, I wandered myself over to the screen repair area and finally picked up what I needed to fix ours.  No more evidence of Kel’s run thru the screen!  And what a great surprise for her when she came home.  Not only did I fix the screen but I took all FOUR of the freaking patio doors off the tracks and washed them-both sides.  LORDY those things are heavy and NOT easy to re-install!  But hey….they are purty now!

Not ten minutes after Kel’s came home we were sitting on the balcony….and little Ipo, bless her heart, tried to run through the screen door!  I don’t know what it is with this damn screen door, but now 50% of the being who live here have tried to bust it’s barriers.  Ipo was a wee bit stunned, but eventually made it to the balcony unscathed.  She’s done this before, in fact a few times she’s tried to walk thru the glass doors down stairs.  I don’t get it.  She’s got eyesight like a HAWK normally.  Must only be far-sighted I guess.  Hmmmm.  I know they make “Doggles”- those sunglasses made for dogs.  I wonder if they make prescription Doggles??  I could get her some diamond studded princess glasses to go with her tiara!  She’d look so damn cute!!

Tomorrow I’m going to go swim laps TWICE if the weather cooperates.  That pool of ours is an awesome length for doing laps and I so need the exercise.

Kel’s got a dragon boating race on Saturday which should be fun.  First one of the year, and a lot of newbies on the team so it should be interesting!  Hopefully next we’ll be able to afford us both to be on the team, cuz I get so dang jealous when I go to see her race.  It is an awesome sport!  I paddled a bit last year when they were practicing pool side and was told by one of the elders of the team that I have an incredible stroke and would be a great powerhouse for the boat.  Ugh.  That makes me want to do it even more!  But alas, I must wait and be patient.  Strange Good things come to those who wait!!

Ok.  I have to get caught up on everyone’s blogs.  I didn’t even do my pogo badges last week….for SHAME!



  1. shame on ya! hahahaa!!! sandy is a keeper!!! theres a business in there somewhere maybe!!

  2. Sounds like Sandy’s been busy! And as for Ipo, you just cleaned and fixed things – it makes perfect sense she tried to go through the door. She’s used to running through unscathed. 😉

  3. You sound like the perfect little House Husband! Chuck tries to become my Kitchen Bitch from time to time. I’m pretty sure you are better at your ‘honey dos’ than he is in the kitchen, tho’ LOL

    And, hey! Get caught up on your fookin’ blogging already!

  4. OK, does ANYBODY on the Sims have a voice? I have listened to countless performances, and some of them are OK, but NOBODY has knocked my socks off yet. And this scoring thing is just a big mutual popularity contest. As in, “Ill give your crappy performance 5 stars, if you come and give my equally crappy performance 5 stars.”

    I look at the comments, and I go in expecting a really good effort, but ACK! Phoooey! Is it just me? Am I just diva-arrogant? I guess I’ll have to see how I sound when I get a microphone I can use. But I gotta say that the wait is killin’ me!

  5. I used to put reflecting tape on the patio door screens so the dogs could see it. It worked well. Might want to try that.

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