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Bull WHAT?

July 30, 2008

Everyone knows I love my dog. She is the only dog that I have ever had that was truly mine. I’ve lived with people who have had dogs quite a bit over the years, but never owned one until Ipo. Growing up we weren’t allowed to have pets due to a really nasty accident when my mom and aunt were growing up that left my mom terrified of dogs-and understandably so. Living with my dad and stepwitch we were allowed a dog for a few weeks until she was determined to shed too much hair for stepwitch’s liking. (The dog shed too much, not stepwitch)

So seven years ago I got my very own cutie patutie, and she’s been my side-kick ever since. She sleeps with me, goes everywhere possible in the car with me, used to go to work with me quite often, and has taken a few plane rides with me on visits. She has seen me through some really dark times over the years, as some of you who have read me for sometime are aware of. She was even allowed to stay overnight with me a few nights while I was in the hospital a few years back. She captures the heart of everyone she meets! She captured my heart seven years ago the moment I saw her at a mere 11 weeks old.

Given that, it is not uncommon for Kel and I to be found at the pet supply stores getting treats, toys and whatever we can find for Ipo and Cleo. Do I spoil Ipo? Do I spoil Cleo? Well……sort of. If by spoiling you mean loading up the toy hamper with about 30 different stuffies, then yes I do. If it means lavishing them with all kinds of attention, love and kisses, then yes I do. If it means making sure they have the best of food and treats at all times, then yes I do. If it means giving them people food and crap like that, then no I don’t. Kel and I are guilty of loving our furry buddies to the hilt. That I can admit.

Back to the pet supply store. Last week we were looking for more treats and nummy nummies for the girls, and I saw something I hadn’t yet seen before. This is always exciting to me, and I find that I am a lot like a kid in a candy store when at the pet store. Well, imagine my confusion when I saw this:

Interesting looking dog treat eh?

Interesting looking dog treat eh?

Now keep in mind, the one I picked up was about 18″ long! I actually looked like beef jerky at first, but I knew better than to think they would sell human treats in a pet store. I asked the sweet, older gentleman who was working the cash register, and was met with a man whose face turned beet red and his explanation was given in a stuttered fashion. “Bull penis ma’am.” What? “Ahem. That is a bull penis.”

I looked at Kel. She looked at me. We looked at him with our “WTF!!” looks on our faces. Well, what do you DO with a bull penis? “You feed them to your dog, ma’am.” You do what? “You feed the bull penis to your dog. I’m told dogs love them.”

Ok. First off, I never returned something back to the shelf so fast as I did with that bull penis! Ack! Then the guy told me that I could get a braided bull penis if I wanted.

Oh the braided bull penis is so much more appetizing!

Oh the braided bull penis is so much more appetizing!

Interestingly enough there are also Steer penis’ available, but more interesting is how different they look! I wonder if they look that different before they are removed from the animal??

Not as purty as a bulls manlihood, eh?

Not as purty as a bulls manlihood, eh?

(Weird…I always thought a bull and steer were the same thing. Slap me goofy)

Apparently a bull’s penis is usually 23-25 inches in length, and it’s removed, cleaned and hung vertically so that the fluids drain out of the now termed ‘pizzle.’ (Gagging aren’t you?) I guess draining of the fluids make it odorless. Hmmm, guess I never really thought about how a bull’s penis would smell. Then the ‘pizzles’ are twisted, stretched, twisted, dried and smoked. (I’m a smoker- but you won’t catch me smoking no bull penis!) Then you get to choose your bull penis size of anywhere from 4 to 30 inches! UGH!

All I’m saying is this. I spoil my dogs rotten. But you will never catch me holding a bull penis in front of Ipo and saying ‘come here girl! Get your penis now! Chew that penis you little princess!”  Even if she begs with those big brownies and says ‘oh mommy i really want to suck on a bull penis’ i will say:  Absolutely NOT!  You are NOT that kind of a girl!


Ain’t no way. I still get grossed out thinking about it. WHO comes up with this crap?

But I am curious.   Anyone out there serving bull penis’ to their dogs?  If so, will you admit it??


Awe and thrills

July 29, 2008

Well hells bells!

I admit I was very hesitant to look at my blog today or open my email, as I just wasn’t sure what would be waiting in response to my entry last evening.  WOW.  I am speechless.  Yes, yes.  It DOES happen on occasion folks!

All of you that left comments damn near brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you so much for your kind words and willingness to see past my action and still see me.  You are all amazing, and it’s no wonder I keep coming back to this blog despite my occasional hiatus!  Thank you again, each and every one of you.  Your words mean so very much to me.

I don’t know what the heck it is in this new area I’m living in, but it is kicking my butt allergy wise.  I am SO tired of constant sneezing, watery eyes, and my nose being much like a kitchen tap with a major leak!  I can’t figure out what the blazes I’m allergic to, and none of my allergy meds seem to touch it.  ARGH!

At any rate, between the constant snot flood and all the meds I’m taking for it, I am exhausted and beat, beat, BEAT!  I feel like I’ve been run over by semi-truck.  (Or as we call them up here- “transport trucks”.)  Today I got to go pick up niece and nephew at their daddy’s work and take care of them for a few hours until ‘G’ got over to their house after her doc appointments.

These kids are just too dang cute for words.  And their manners?  Pfft.  Please and thank-you are such common words in their vocabulary, that it is actually somewhat sad.  Sad only in the fact that it shouldn’t be such a shock every time I hear them say those words, but it is.  Kids just don’t seem to be raised with such manners these days, so it is out of the norm!  Sad!

Niece wanted to play on the Barbie Baking Game when we got home, so she raced off to the computer.  Nephew?  Let’s just say I got a workout.  Him saying ‘do you want to help me build the worlds largest hockey rink?’ really didn’t seem to foreshadow anything extreme, yet it should have.

While it wasn’t the largest rink but rather the smallest rink, we DID play the LONGEST hockey game on record!  Sofa cushions from the family room couch were brought up to the living room to be used with the upstairs cushions, pillows and blankets to create the walls of a hockey rink.  Add to that the two miniature sized hockey nets he has, small hockey sticks and a ball much like a racquet ball, and it was game on!  Sad to say, but I just can’t play on my knees for two hours like I used to!  (for those of you going to the gutter after that comment, come back out now!  Ahem….yankeechik???)  Needless to say, once the score hit 50-47 I said enough was enough.  That on top of all the allergy meds and no sleep I was a wee bit exhausted!  Pathetic, I know.

Speaking of being run over by a semi truck transport, I haven’t mentioned my outing to Canada’s Wonderland last week for my birthday.  I can sum it up in just a couple of words I think:



Oh my god!  Ok, I haven’t been to an amusement park in years let alone one of this caliber with the rides we were on.  HOLY JEEBUS!  All we did were the roller-coaster type rides, and we couldn’t even get on all of them.  One needs about 3 days to fully do everything in that park.  There were coasters that you stood up on to ride, ones that your feet dangled below you, and even one that you LAID DOWN on and felt like you were flying thru the air.  Truly awesome!  And I can proudly say that I did not lose my cookies, snow cones, or nachos once!  The heat and lack of water got to Magoo however at one point and she had to back out of riding the bat to get herself together.  But noone puked!  (The bat btw, is a coaster that you go backwards on and upside down.  Ugh!)


I only just turned 39.  Kels is 42.  But. But. But.

The next day came and we both admitted to one simple fact………..we are too OLD to do that ever again!  MY GAWD our bodies were sore!  It was crazy!  And in a sense, with all that whipping around those rides do to you, it was as if we were hit by a truck!  Stand in line for 35-45 minutes, get in a car wreck.  Stand in line for 35-45 minutes, get in a car wreck.  Repeat Repeat Repeat!  Sigh.  My body finally feels normal again though so that’s all good.

Needless to say our thrill ride adventure didn’t stop after leaving the park.  We drove into Toronto for dinner, and I realized I couldn’t walk without looking like an 80 year old with a cob stuck up my butt.  I had worn my swimsuit under my clothes in case we did water rides, and let me tell you about having your arse chaffed.  It hurt so damn bad anytime my skin moved around my butt cheeks, it was awful!  I even pulled Kels into the bathroom at the restaurant to SHOW her so she wouldn’t think I was being a wimp.  She definitely realized I wasn’t playing as she said ‘Holy shit honey!  It looks like you have rug burn on your butt and hoochie!’  Yeah, I was hurting in a few ways.  We cut through a hotel to get to our car, and some guy came up and asked if I needed a wheelchair!!!!  Argh!!!

Then the ride home was a joy as it was a downpour of torrential rains as we were clipping along the 401 freeway which has NO lights.  Glory be as we are trying to stay awake at 3 in the morning to get home, the damn windshield wiper flies right off!  We couldn’t even see to pull off the road, but Kels the wonder driver got us on the shoulder eventually.  There was no fixing that thing though, so we had to drive the last hour with one wiper.  Not fun.  But hey, we didn’t have to pay for that thrill ride, so there’s a deal!

And now, I’m wiped again.  I’ve had to wipe my nose damn near every paragraph.  I’m off to lay down and finish up my book!


A Moles Identity revealed

July 28, 2008

It is with a heavy heart that I write this entry, and I have mulled over in my mind countless different ways of writing this post since last evening when I realized that I have done something very wrong.  Despite tossing this in my mind for the past 24 hours I still don’t know best how to write this, but here goes.

There is so much crap gong on with this whole business of what really happened, who said what, who typed what, who is a mole, who has broken trusts, who lied and on and on and on and on.  The whole thing has been very disturbing.

The one thing that I held solace in however was the simple fact that thank goodness I wasn’t involved in any way.  Yet it was still difficult reading about how this has affected so many of you that I hold dear to my heart and have followed for months or even years.

That solace was removed last night for me however as I read an entry from another blogger who was hurt by the fact that there seemed to be a mole in the midst.  An awful feeling to have really, and I can certainly understand how one would be upset over that.

It was in reading that entry that I realized I have indeed played a part in this mess, and the only way I feel best to right in even a small way is to own up to it; if only to remove suspicion off of others that they may have been the mole, for lack of better words.

We all know Art made a private blog that he chose who could access it and who couldn’t.  Those of us who read it know what he said on it, so I do not need to repeat it here.  What he wrote in that entry, as well as some of the comments were left, was made visible to Rosie.  And now there is a whole lot of speculation as to how she got that information, and people are speculating as to who leaked this information to her.  Some have posted their speculations publicly, some in emails, and some probably just in their own minds without making their thoughts public.

If you want to call someone who did this a mole, a snitch, an insensitive wench, an asshole, an untrustworthy sot, or even an outright bitch, that is your right.  I’m only here to try and set at least a small part of the record straight.  I am that mole, snitch, insensitive wench, asshole, untrusting sot and outright bitch.

Yes.  Me.  I copied the rant that art did on his new blog and pasted it to a word document, and passed it on to Rosie.

It was wrong.  I did not think my actions through prior to doing what I did.  The only thing I will say is that NEVER EVER did I intend to hurt anyone, or cause any problems, and that my intentions were rooted in care and concern.

I am not going to write a list of reasons as to why I did what I did to defend myself, as really it doesn’t matter.  What I did was wrong, especially with including comments that some of you made thinking you were in a locked diary.

I am so terribly sorry for my actions, and for any hurt or discord that they have caused.  I really should have thought things out before doing so.   At the time my reasoning seemed pure and for good.  And PLEASE, don’t anyone leave a comment about the “path to hell was paved with good intentions” or I will seriously scream.  I did not, nor have I ever, given out passwords to locked diaries or done what I did on this occasion.  For what it’s worth I throw that out there.

I’m guessing from what I’ve read on some of your blogs last night that some of you may have been confronted by Rosie because of a comment you left on Arts blog, and I am so incredibly sorry.  I in no way meant to stir the pot.

To those of you that did get backlash because of this- I offer my deepest of apologies.  While I did have my reasons for doing that, and believed myself to be doing a good thing, I was wrong.  I should never have done this.  Art, I apologize to you for copying that entry you made and forwarding it to Rosie.  Again, it was wrong.  Those of you who commented, I apologize to you for including those comments on that cut and paste fiasco and sending it to Rosie.

Think of me what you will.  Call me what you want.  I’d rather have that than have others who are innocent of any wrongdoing be unjustly accused or even thought of inaccurately.  I had a hand in this shit and I’m just here to admit and offer my deepest regret.  If you choose to no longer read me, or trust me, I completely understand.  At least you will be not trusting the right person though, and that is I guess all that matters.

One big lesson I learned long ago is that we all screw up and make mistakes.  The important thing is to own up to them and suck up the consequences.  I guess that’s all I’m trying to do.   If that means people are pissed at me, disappointed, stop reading me, write nasty things about me, than so be it.  The truth is out there and at least it will be directed at the right person.

And, if because of this you no longer wish me to read your diaries, than please let me know and I will respect that wish by removing you from my google reader.  I certainly don’t want to continue to make anyone uncomfortable.

I don’t know what else to say, except I am truly very sorry.


More vacation tidbits

July 23, 2008

Last Sunday night we returned from our ‘camping’ trip and zonked out.  The pooches as well as Kel and I were ever so glad to return to comfort of our own beds.  (Ok, Cleo has her own bed- Ipo hogs our bed shares with Kel and me. )

I should admit a small detail about our camping trip.  It was, shall we say, pseudo-camping.  We had planned the few weeks prior to go to a particular campsite, and last minute for various reasons that destination was axed and we went to another ‘camp site.’  Ahem.  Well, we DID sleep in tents ok!  Magoo’s parents live on an incredible lot one block off of Lake Huron, and have an amazingly huge mongo backyard that ends with a cliff that drops about 120 feet.  It was fantastic and beautiful, and just had some extra amenities, ya know?  They have a huge fire pit in the corner of the yard which we DID roast marshmallows on.  Yet, admittedly, we used the gas grille to cook on.  And there was the convenience of the indoor plumbing and refrigerator to keep the food and beer nice and cold.  Oh, and I guess if I’m being totally honest we also used the stove to cook breakfast and the electric outlet in the garage to blow up our air mattresses.  BUT WE DID CAMP!!!  The ONLY time I went inside was to wash dishes and use the restroom, so for all practical purposes we DID indeed camp!!  We just sort of broke ourselves in if you will for the next time we go to an actual campsite.

Before you judge too harshly, please know that we still slept outside, changed clothes outside, dealt with bugs and spiders crawling on the tents, make fires, and woke up WAY too damn early with these insane birds screaming up a storm at 6 in the morning.  When we had the massive rainstorm on Saturday we stayed outside, even though we were under the gazebo.  Ipo on the other hand, was allowed inside as we all know when the thunder starts she hunts out the nearest toilet to hide behind, and it was just cruel to let her continue hunting for that porcelain hideout in the outdoors.

So there you have it.  I like to think of it as old lady camping.  Smart camping.  Camping with style.  Don’t get me wrong now.  I absolutely love to camp and be in the outdoors and ‘roughing it.”  It’s been probably 8 or ten years since I’ve done it however, so this was a good way to get back into the swing of things.

Now, I will take a short break here and give you a video to watch of the darling Ipo.  This video captures her in the act of finding her bag of toys in the tent.  Bust-ed!!  Anyway…you can see how vicious AND just how lovingly adorable she can be!!  Watch the whole thing!

Isn’t she just too damn funny??  She cracks me up.  Sooooo vicious, yet she knows she got busted and is in ‘trouble’ but keeps being vicious anyway.  And then she turns OH so cute when her chance for a car ride is mentioned.  Hee hee.  Dang it anyway I love that doggie!

So Monday Kels went back to work, and I of course stayed home and was going to get the laundry together and do some other putzing about.  Kel calls me and says we’ve been invited to spend a couple of days at the vacation home that her brother and family rented for two weeks, and wondered if I wanted to go.  Hello??  More ‘vacationing?’  Hanging out with the kids and playing??  Hell yeah!

We weren’t able to take the poochies with us so we loaded up the car with our ‘stuff’, and dropped the love mutts off at grams and gramps house.  We headed out of town on our trek to a vacation resort about 30 minutes from Niagra Falls.  This trip SHOULD have taken us 2 hours….but umm, well, let’s just say Mapquest screwed us up.  Actually it was Google Maps that screwed us up so I was really disappointed.  Needless to say we finally arrived at Sherkston Shores, (which is a trailer park resort on Lake Erie and absolutely huge and fabulous) at around midnight.  We drove around that damn park for a half hour and STILL couldn’t find the trailer we were supposed to be at, despite going back to the guard station two times.  We finally had to stop at the arcade/restaurant building and had someone call security for us.  A cutie patutie dude showed up and escorted us to our front door.

Ok.  So there is SO much to do there!  And it is SO nice!  There is tons of entertainment for kids and adults alike.  There are two swimming pools, a wading pool, two hot tubs, HUGE water slides, mini putt, a golf course, a rock climbing wall, harness trampolines, arcade, restaurant, 24-hour store with bakery, laundry facilities, an open air market every morning, events every night, two HUGE beaches that you can drive your cars on and of course your golf cart, (EVERYONE drives around in golf carts once they arrive. It’s so fun pretending to be a senior citizen in Florida!), a huge rock quarry that is like 100 feet deep and totally stocked with fish as well as another beach, and on and on and on and on.  We even went to the drive-in and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks.  Get this: the drive in was the baseball field with a huge tarp over the backstop!  And everyone pulls up and watches the movie in their golf carts!!  Sooo fun!!

I have pics and stories of that whole trip too which I will continue at a later date.  I will say that our two day trip ended up having us staying through until Friday night!  We just didn’t want to leave!  My birthday truly turned into a 9-day event/party!  Wootness I say, WOOTNESS!!


Doggy Camping

July 22, 2008

Oh Lawdy….this is yet another catch up post!  I’m like, so behind in my posting, ya know?  For sure!  (Gag me with the valley talk and friendship pins)

So let’s see.  Last I wrote I said I was going camping for the weekend.  That was accomplished and we had SUCH a great time!  Only one wicked thunderstorm that came through and that only last about 2 hours or so.  The first night really kind of bit since the air mattress I was using had a leak in it.  There is nothing worse than sleeping on a barely inflated air mattress that you are sharing with a dog who hogs the sleeping area.  You are better off getting up, grabbing the damn mattress and tossing the darn thing into the fire.  Just sleep on the good old ground.  I didn’t do this of course because I was too damn tired and kept thinking it would soon get better.  Yeah, right.

Place we stayed at was off of Lake Huron, so Cleo got to go rock fishing.  That dog would live in the water if she could find a way to do it!  Throw a rock into the water, and she’ll go fetch it and bring it back to you.  Well, she’ll bring “a” rock to you anyway.  And one has to be careful with her around a campfire site too, as she has a habit of stealing all the sticks of wood and hiding them on you after she chows on them for a bit.

We also did the lovely tourist deal and drove into Bayfield and Grand Bend.  Lots of great antique shops that if I had a whack load of money I would without a doubt keep them in business for a long time.

We grabbed a bite to eat at a place that had an outdoor patio for the dogs to hang out with us.  The dogs were SO bagged from all the fresh air and running around, and poor Ipo was completely toast.  I wish so badly I had the camera running when she passed out.  She was sitting on Kelly’s lap and trying so hard to keep her eyes open.  Finally, the eyes closed and her head started to bop a bit….and then WHAM!  She LITERALLY fell over sideways!!!  It was SO damn funny!!  Thank goodness Kels was quick to catch her.  Then, she got her composure, repeated the whole thing except this time she fell forward and her chin landed flat onto the table!!  Omg, I was laughing so damn hard!  I was like, Ipo lay down already and just sleep!!

Trying so hard to stay awake!

Trying so hard to stay awake!

Here are some other shots from the camping weekend:

Basking on the beach, hoping for the sun to return!

Basking on the beach, hoping for the sun to return!

I need a break from all this squirrel chasing!

I need a break from all this squirrel chasing!

When do we get to make shmores??

Can I add a log to the fire? I'm cold!

Ok, so I have some funny videos too, but I need to play with them for a bit before posting them.  And, for today that is it for this post!  I’ll have to get some pics ready for the next post about our last minute vacation we ended up taking last Monday night!  Woo hoo!  What a blast that was too!

Now I need to focus on all the laundry.  Yuck.  Someone else please do it for me and I will gladly fold it, iron it and put it all away!!!


Catch-up and PSA

July 11, 2008

Oh lordy.  June 26th since my last visit to the playground.  Ack!!  Tis been a busy busy and stressful couple of weeks, but here’s the highlights!

The lovely Canada Day (just like July 4th in the states, but on July 1st) was celebrated casually with Kel, Magoo (our good friend who also lived at the old place and moved here along with us) and I went downtown and sat with the mobs to watch fireworks.  Pretty uneventful, but it was fun to just sit in the grass, smack mosquitoes, watch ornery teenagers try to act like adults while flirting with one another, and wait in angst for the dark to come and spray colours over our heads and produce loud booms to make us jump in surprise even thought we were expecting them.

Ummmm, I’ve been getting pretty good in the ol’ kitchen with the pork tenderloin and garlic-cream cheese mashed potatoes.  I actually got Kelly to drool I think.  Wootnes wootness wootness!

We had a big scare with Kel.  She had a large lump on her breast that was actually visible to the naked eye.  Her being as stubborn as I am with going to doctors necessitated me to just kick her in the arse and take her to the doctor.  It was an odd growth according to the doctor as it was similar to what you would see in a woman who is pregnant or breast feeding when the mammary ducts get infected.  It was a damn painful thing for her, which of course is a double-edged sword.  Bummer that it hurts, yet pain usually means it’s likely not cancer.  The doctor was great.  He put her on antibiotics to treat it as if it was an infection, but sent her for an ultrasound that same day just to be safe.

Next day, two doctors offices phoned stating she needed to come in and review the ultrasound results.  Needless to say the old cancer word was discussed and she was told that they wanted to do a biopsy.  Apparently the ultrasound showed shadowing that is consistent with cancer.  UGH!!  Scary stuff!  Given the fact that her aunt just had a double masectomy a few months ago made for even more stress and fear.  Kel was a trooper however, and did a damn good job of staying positive about the whole ordeal.

She was scheduled with a consultation this past Monday with the leading breast cancer surgeon here in London.  Good news was that the antibiotics seemed to have done the trick, as the lump was undetectable by us and the pain had dissipated by then.  The surgeon opted to send her for second ultrasound as well as a mammagram that day and go from there.  She met with them again in the afternoon and got the fantastic news that all is good!!!  Turns out it was indeed an infection of one of her ducts and the suspicious cancer looking stuff was nowhere to be found.  Do I need to really tell you how relieved we are??

Ok, now here is the public service announcement for ALL of you.  Men, listen up if you’ve got women in your life, and women friends too please take note.  The REASON they were so aggressive in getting this figured out (umm, to put in prospective here in Canada you can wait a few months for these tests unless it’s really serious!) is there is yet another strain of breast cancer that has been found and it is EVIL!!  Apparently it presents itself in the exact way that it did with Kel and it is extremely aggressive and fatal.  I guess it’s the worst type of breast cancer out there right now and they have to move warp speed.  SO.  The old saying that ‘if it hurts don’t worry it’s probably not breast cancer’ is no longer a safety net.  GET CHECKED people.  Don’t take any chances.

End of Public Service Announcement.

I’ve been great about doing my laps in the pool everyday and can so feel my lungs getting stronger as well as the other muscles in my body.  I LOVE it!  I’m able to do more laps every day, and can even go a full stretch of the pool under water with one breath.  Wootness ta’ bootness!  Unfortunately this week I haven’t swam at all as I had a bad experience on Sunday with the sun.  I decided to start a new book and just lay out at the pool deck and chillax a bit.  Unfortunately I enjoyed this Kellerman murder-mystery too much, and despite my flipping over from time to time, jumping in and cooling off, and putting on sunscreen….I GOT FRIED.  Holy crap it was the worst burn I’ve had yet I think.  Dayum!!  Poor Kel was lathering me up with lotion and aloe every couple of hours.  We went through a bottle and a half of lotion in like 3 days, lol.  OOPS!

Got some more icky news from Kel’s family this weekend.  Her cousin’s 16 year old son has Non-Hodgekin’s lymphoma and is in the hospital here in town.  Poor guy.  He has a large growth that starts in his chest and pushes against his lung, and wraps around up into his neck apparently.  They tried to go in and remove it but the damn thing is also pushed up against two major arteries and to try and remove it would be way too risky.  The poor guy has undergone a bone scan, spinal tap, bone marrow test and started chemo this week.  I guess he’s got to stay here in London for at least a month and will then have to have chemo two to three times a week for the next year!  My heart just breaks for him and his family.  Kids are just too damn young to have to be faced with this kind of crap.  We’re waiting to hear back on the results of the bone marrow test and then everyone’s getting tested so as to donate.  Apparently it’s a for sure thing this kid is going to have a bone marrow transplant.  ARGH!!

His parents are staying at a hotel here in town until tonight when they will be staying at Kel’s brothers house.  Bro-in-law and family are going to the cottage for two weeks so their house will be empty so it will be perfect for them.  J boy will be able to leave the hospital in between his chemo treatments and being in a home environment rather than a hotel room is much better for him.  Needless to say, bro-in-laws house needed to be majorly cleaned in order to have as clean of an environment for him… know, that deep down gut busting spring cleaning that you do MAYBE once a year?  Yep.  With how busy bro and sis-in-law are, I’ve been over at their house the last couple of days cleaning for them.  It’s what you do for family, you know?  And believe me!  I sat those two adorable kids down and said they have to put their stuff away after they play with it and what not, or Aunt Amy would be really bummed out!  LOL.  They are KIDS!  We’ll see how long that toy room stays organized!  Any bets??  Tee hee.

So THIS weekend, Kels, Magoo, and the dogs are all going camping.  We’re getting the hell out of dodge for a spell.  No tv’s.  No computers.  NO PHONES.  BLISSSSSSssssssssss!  Kel’s family has endured so much medical craziness and crisis’ that she so needs to just have a weekend of fun and relaxation.  The wonder dog Cleo will be able to go swimming and diving for rocks, and Ipo can do her investigating around camp and have fun too.  Me?  I’ll be chillaxin to the max.  I’ve got a lot to do today to get things ready, and stopping at the beer store is definitely on my ‘honey do’ list!

I am SO behind in reading all of your entries.  UGH!  I don’t think I even got online this week but maybe once and that was yesterday just to look something up.  Hopefully I’ll get caught up soon!!

I leave you with a picture of a miracle.  TRULY I never thought I would see the day this would happen, but I did and I’ve got the proof should it never occur again.  Ipo and Cleo get along just fine, but Ipo is a bit of a queenie bitch, and gets very territorial.  She’s a princess, what can I say?  When she’s pulling one of her “I’m the Royal Queen and you best bow down before me” routines, Cleo won’t even come in the living room.  Lol.  Ok, Cleo is also a bit of a chicken shit I guess.  Afraid of a ten pound adorable lil’ chihuahua?? Come on now.  Anyway.  I busted them!  Both of them…..on the bed…..sleeping next to each other!!!  I NEVER thought I’d see the day!  Aren’t they just the cutest??!!!!

Have a great weekend everybody!!