Catch-up and PSA

July 11, 2008

Oh lordy.  June 26th since my last visit to the playground.  Ack!!  Tis been a busy busy and stressful couple of weeks, but here’s the highlights!

The lovely Canada Day (just like July 4th in the states, but on July 1st) was celebrated casually with Kel, Magoo (our good friend who also lived at the old place and moved here along with us) and I went downtown and sat with the mobs to watch fireworks.  Pretty uneventful, but it was fun to just sit in the grass, smack mosquitoes, watch ornery teenagers try to act like adults while flirting with one another, and wait in angst for the dark to come and spray colours over our heads and produce loud booms to make us jump in surprise even thought we were expecting them.

Ummmm, I’ve been getting pretty good in the ol’ kitchen with the pork tenderloin and garlic-cream cheese mashed potatoes.  I actually got Kelly to drool I think.  Wootnes wootness wootness!

We had a big scare with Kel.  She had a large lump on her breast that was actually visible to the naked eye.  Her being as stubborn as I am with going to doctors necessitated me to just kick her in the arse and take her to the doctor.  It was an odd growth according to the doctor as it was similar to what you would see in a woman who is pregnant or breast feeding when the mammary ducts get infected.  It was a damn painful thing for her, which of course is a double-edged sword.  Bummer that it hurts, yet pain usually means it’s likely not cancer.  The doctor was great.  He put her on antibiotics to treat it as if it was an infection, but sent her for an ultrasound that same day just to be safe.

Next day, two doctors offices phoned stating she needed to come in and review the ultrasound results.  Needless to say the old cancer word was discussed and she was told that they wanted to do a biopsy.  Apparently the ultrasound showed shadowing that is consistent with cancer.  UGH!!  Scary stuff!  Given the fact that her aunt just had a double masectomy a few months ago made for even more stress and fear.  Kel was a trooper however, and did a damn good job of staying positive about the whole ordeal.

She was scheduled with a consultation this past Monday with the leading breast cancer surgeon here in London.  Good news was that the antibiotics seemed to have done the trick, as the lump was undetectable by us and the pain had dissipated by then.  The surgeon opted to send her for second ultrasound as well as a mammagram that day and go from there.  She met with them again in the afternoon and got the fantastic news that all is good!!!  Turns out it was indeed an infection of one of her ducts and the suspicious cancer looking stuff was nowhere to be found.  Do I need to really tell you how relieved we are??

Ok, now here is the public service announcement for ALL of you.  Men, listen up if you’ve got women in your life, and women friends too please take note.  The REASON they were so aggressive in getting this figured out (umm, to put in prospective here in Canada you can wait a few months for these tests unless it’s really serious!) is there is yet another strain of breast cancer that has been found and it is EVIL!!  Apparently it presents itself in the exact way that it did with Kel and it is extremely aggressive and fatal.  I guess it’s the worst type of breast cancer out there right now and they have to move warp speed.  SO.  The old saying that ‘if it hurts don’t worry it’s probably not breast cancer’ is no longer a safety net.  GET CHECKED people.  Don’t take any chances.

End of Public Service Announcement.

I’ve been great about doing my laps in the pool everyday and can so feel my lungs getting stronger as well as the other muscles in my body.  I LOVE it!  I’m able to do more laps every day, and can even go a full stretch of the pool under water with one breath.  Wootness ta’ bootness!  Unfortunately this week I haven’t swam at all as I had a bad experience on Sunday with the sun.  I decided to start a new book and just lay out at the pool deck and chillax a bit.  Unfortunately I enjoyed this Kellerman murder-mystery too much, and despite my flipping over from time to time, jumping in and cooling off, and putting on sunscreen….I GOT FRIED.  Holy crap it was the worst burn I’ve had yet I think.  Dayum!!  Poor Kel was lathering me up with lotion and aloe every couple of hours.  We went through a bottle and a half of lotion in like 3 days, lol.  OOPS!

Got some more icky news from Kel’s family this weekend.  Her cousin’s 16 year old son has Non-Hodgekin’s lymphoma and is in the hospital here in town.  Poor guy.  He has a large growth that starts in his chest and pushes against his lung, and wraps around up into his neck apparently.  They tried to go in and remove it but the damn thing is also pushed up against two major arteries and to try and remove it would be way too risky.  The poor guy has undergone a bone scan, spinal tap, bone marrow test and started chemo this week.  I guess he’s got to stay here in London for at least a month and will then have to have chemo two to three times a week for the next year!  My heart just breaks for him and his family.  Kids are just too damn young to have to be faced with this kind of crap.  We’re waiting to hear back on the results of the bone marrow test and then everyone’s getting tested so as to donate.  Apparently it’s a for sure thing this kid is going to have a bone marrow transplant.  ARGH!!

His parents are staying at a hotel here in town until tonight when they will be staying at Kel’s brothers house.  Bro-in-law and family are going to the cottage for two weeks so their house will be empty so it will be perfect for them.  J boy will be able to leave the hospital in between his chemo treatments and being in a home environment rather than a hotel room is much better for him.  Needless to say, bro-in-laws house needed to be majorly cleaned in order to have as clean of an environment for him…..you know, that deep down gut busting spring cleaning that you do MAYBE once a year?  Yep.  With how busy bro and sis-in-law are, I’ve been over at their house the last couple of days cleaning for them.  It’s what you do for family, you know?  And believe me!  I sat those two adorable kids down and said they have to put their stuff away after they play with it and what not, or Aunt Amy would be really bummed out!  LOL.  They are KIDS!  We’ll see how long that toy room stays organized!  Any bets??  Tee hee.

So THIS weekend, Kels, Magoo, and the dogs are all going camping.  We’re getting the hell out of dodge for a spell.  No tv’s.  No computers.  NO PHONES.  BLISSSSSSssssssssss!  Kel’s family has endured so much medical craziness and crisis’ that she so needs to just have a weekend of fun and relaxation.  The wonder dog Cleo will be able to go swimming and diving for rocks, and Ipo can do her investigating around camp and have fun too.  Me?  I’ll be chillaxin to the max.  I’ve got a lot to do today to get things ready, and stopping at the beer store is definitely on my ‘honey do’ list!

I am SO behind in reading all of your entries.  UGH!  I don’t think I even got online this week but maybe once and that was yesterday just to look something up.  Hopefully I’ll get caught up soon!!

I leave you with a picture of a miracle.  TRULY I never thought I would see the day this would happen, but I did and I’ve got the proof should it never occur again.  Ipo and Cleo get along just fine, but Ipo is a bit of a queenie bitch, and gets very territorial.  She’s a princess, what can I say?  When she’s pulling one of her “I’m the Royal Queen and you best bow down before me” routines, Cleo won’t even come in the living room.  Lol.  Ok, Cleo is also a bit of a chicken shit I guess.  Afraid of a ten pound adorable lil’ chihuahua?? Come on now.  Anyway.  I busted them!  Both of them…..on the bed…..sleeping next to each other!!!  I NEVER thought I’d see the day!  Aren’t they just the cutest??!!!!

Have a great weekend everybody!!



  1. I’m so very glad to hear that Kelly’s healthy. It’s such a pleasure to read your diary now that you’re happy! And thanks for the public service announcement on breast cancer. The only GOOD thing about cancer is that the cure rates are going up!

  2. Oh that’s so wonderful that Kel DOESN’T have cancer. How scary that must have been, though. I didn’t realize that there was this new form of breast cancer; I’ll be sure to keep that in mind. Thanks for sharing that with us!! And yes, a blocked duct is VERY painful. Oweee. I’ll keep Kel’s cousin’s son in my thoughts, too. You’re right — it’s not fair that kids should have to deal with such things.

    Stay out of the sun this weekend, ya goof!! Love the photo of Ipo and Cleo! So sweet!

  3. congrats to kel!!! and the wonderful canadian health care system!!! yay!!

  4. Hey you! I’ve been way behind reading, too and just getting caught up. I’m SO sorry you and Kel have had to go thru something like this. Thank God it ended well!

    Cute photos of the hounds!

  5. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad that all is okay with your honey. Nothing is worse than thinking the most important person in our lives might be seriously ill, etc.

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