More vacation tidbits

July 23, 2008

Last Sunday night we returned from our ‘camping’ trip and zonked out.  The pooches as well as Kel and I were ever so glad to return to comfort of our own beds.  (Ok, Cleo has her own bed- Ipo hogs our bed shares with Kel and me. )

I should admit a small detail about our camping trip.  It was, shall we say, pseudo-camping.  We had planned the few weeks prior to go to a particular campsite, and last minute for various reasons that destination was axed and we went to another ‘camp site.’  Ahem.  Well, we DID sleep in tents ok!  Magoo’s parents live on an incredible lot one block off of Lake Huron, and have an amazingly huge mongo backyard that ends with a cliff that drops about 120 feet.  It was fantastic and beautiful, and just had some extra amenities, ya know?  They have a huge fire pit in the corner of the yard which we DID roast marshmallows on.  Yet, admittedly, we used the gas grille to cook on.  And there was the convenience of the indoor plumbing and refrigerator to keep the food and beer nice and cold.  Oh, and I guess if I’m being totally honest we also used the stove to cook breakfast and the electric outlet in the garage to blow up our air mattresses.  BUT WE DID CAMP!!!  The ONLY time I went inside was to wash dishes and use the restroom, so for all practical purposes we DID indeed camp!!  We just sort of broke ourselves in if you will for the next time we go to an actual campsite.

Before you judge too harshly, please know that we still slept outside, changed clothes outside, dealt with bugs and spiders crawling on the tents, make fires, and woke up WAY too damn early with these insane birds screaming up a storm at 6 in the morning.  When we had the massive rainstorm on Saturday we stayed outside, even though we were under the gazebo.  Ipo on the other hand, was allowed inside as we all know when the thunder starts she hunts out the nearest toilet to hide behind, and it was just cruel to let her continue hunting for that porcelain hideout in the outdoors.

So there you have it.  I like to think of it as old lady camping.  Smart camping.  Camping with style.  Don’t get me wrong now.  I absolutely love to camp and be in the outdoors and ‘roughing it.”  It’s been probably 8 or ten years since I’ve done it however, so this was a good way to get back into the swing of things.

Now, I will take a short break here and give you a video to watch of the darling Ipo.  This video captures her in the act of finding her bag of toys in the tent.  Bust-ed!!  Anyway…you can see how vicious AND just how lovingly adorable she can be!!  Watch the whole thing!

Isn’t she just too damn funny??  She cracks me up.  Sooooo vicious, yet she knows she got busted and is in ‘trouble’ but keeps being vicious anyway.  And then she turns OH so cute when her chance for a car ride is mentioned.  Hee hee.  Dang it anyway I love that doggie!

So Monday Kels went back to work, and I of course stayed home and was going to get the laundry together and do some other putzing about.  Kel calls me and says we’ve been invited to spend a couple of days at the vacation home that her brother and family rented for two weeks, and wondered if I wanted to go.  Hello??  More ‘vacationing?’  Hanging out with the kids and playing??  Hell yeah!

We weren’t able to take the poochies with us so we loaded up the car with our ‘stuff’, and dropped the love mutts off at grams and gramps house.  We headed out of town on our trek to a vacation resort about 30 minutes from Niagra Falls.  This trip SHOULD have taken us 2 hours….but umm, well, let’s just say Mapquest screwed us up.  Actually it was Google Maps that screwed us up so I was really disappointed.  Needless to say we finally arrived at Sherkston Shores, (which is a trailer park resort on Lake Erie and absolutely huge and fabulous) at around midnight.  We drove around that damn park for a half hour and STILL couldn’t find the trailer we were supposed to be at, despite going back to the guard station two times.  We finally had to stop at the arcade/restaurant building and had someone call security for us.  A cutie patutie dude showed up and escorted us to our front door.

Ok.  So there is SO much to do there!  And it is SO nice!  There is tons of entertainment for kids and adults alike.  There are two swimming pools, a wading pool, two hot tubs, HUGE water slides, mini putt, a golf course, a rock climbing wall, harness trampolines, arcade, restaurant, 24-hour store with bakery, laundry facilities, an open air market every morning, events every night, two HUGE beaches that you can drive your cars on and of course your golf cart, (EVERYONE drives around in golf carts once they arrive. It’s so fun pretending to be a senior citizen in Florida!), a huge rock quarry that is like 100 feet deep and totally stocked with fish as well as another beach, and on and on and on and on.  We even went to the drive-in and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks.  Get this: the drive in was the baseball field with a huge tarp over the backstop!  And everyone pulls up and watches the movie in their golf carts!!  Sooo fun!!

I have pics and stories of that whole trip too which I will continue at a later date.  I will say that our two day trip ended up having us staying through until Friday night!  We just didn’t want to leave!  My birthday truly turned into a 9-day event/party!  Wootness I say, WOOTNESS!!



  1. First off, Happy birthday!! Secondly, that puppy of yours CRACKS ME UP. “Grrrr, Mom, don’t you THINK about taking my toys away!! GRRRR!!! Oh wait, car ride??? I’m a good girl, Mom! Let’s go on a car ride!!!” The change in her is just too much. TOO MUCH.

    Your first camping trip sounds right up my alley. I don’t mind sleeping outside, but please let me have flush toilets. Please!!! And your second vacation — woooo, that sounds like a blast! What a lucky pair of ladies you and Kel are to have had such an awesome vacation.

  2. I was about to judge harshly when you said you went camping, only to pull back once you said you were in a yard. Thank God! Camping is just so very wrong in so many very ways. Probably just me. Stinkin’ nature!

    Ipo scares me! Ipo would scare Stella and Stella is 300% bigger! Too funny!

    It sounds like you had two wonderful vacations! Way to go!

  3. I am just cracking up about the Ipo movie. She’s a real prima dona, isn’t she??? Happy birthday to you. I know I’ve said it before, but it is such a joy to read your diary these days and see you in such a wonderful state of mind 😀

  4. The video is awesome!! What a feisty little shit Ipo is. I love it!! But the reaction to the mention of a car ride was totally priceless! What would life be without our beloved furbabies, eh?!?!

  5. Your comment about my son cracked me up! Sounds like your vacation was a blast.

  6. So….you know what I am waiting for. Please check your email.

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