Awe and thrills

July 29, 2008

Well hells bells!

I admit I was very hesitant to look at my blog today or open my email, as I just wasn’t sure what would be waiting in response to my entry last evening.  WOW.  I am speechless.  Yes, yes.  It DOES happen on occasion folks!

All of you that left comments damn near brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you so much for your kind words and willingness to see past my action and still see me.  You are all amazing, and it’s no wonder I keep coming back to this blog despite my occasional hiatus!  Thank you again, each and every one of you.  Your words mean so very much to me.

I don’t know what the heck it is in this new area I’m living in, but it is kicking my butt allergy wise.  I am SO tired of constant sneezing, watery eyes, and my nose being much like a kitchen tap with a major leak!  I can’t figure out what the blazes I’m allergic to, and none of my allergy meds seem to touch it.  ARGH!

At any rate, between the constant snot flood and all the meds I’m taking for it, I am exhausted and beat, beat, BEAT!  I feel like I’ve been run over by semi-truck.  (Or as we call them up here- “transport trucks”.)  Today I got to go pick up niece and nephew at their daddy’s work and take care of them for a few hours until ‘G’ got over to their house after her doc appointments.

These kids are just too dang cute for words.  And their manners?  Pfft.  Please and thank-you are such common words in their vocabulary, that it is actually somewhat sad.  Sad only in the fact that it shouldn’t be such a shock every time I hear them say those words, but it is.  Kids just don’t seem to be raised with such manners these days, so it is out of the norm!  Sad!

Niece wanted to play on the Barbie Baking Game when we got home, so she raced off to the computer.  Nephew?  Let’s just say I got a workout.  Him saying ‘do you want to help me build the worlds largest hockey rink?’ really didn’t seem to foreshadow anything extreme, yet it should have.

While it wasn’t the largest rink but rather the smallest rink, we DID play the LONGEST hockey game on record!  Sofa cushions from the family room couch were brought up to the living room to be used with the upstairs cushions, pillows and blankets to create the walls of a hockey rink.  Add to that the two miniature sized hockey nets he has, small hockey sticks and a ball much like a racquet ball, and it was game on!  Sad to say, but I just can’t play on my knees for two hours like I used to!  (for those of you going to the gutter after that comment, come back out now!  Ahem….yankeechik???)  Needless to say, once the score hit 50-47 I said enough was enough.  That on top of all the allergy meds and no sleep I was a wee bit exhausted!  Pathetic, I know.

Speaking of being run over by a semi truck transport, I haven’t mentioned my outing to Canada’s Wonderland last week for my birthday.  I can sum it up in just a couple of words I think:



Oh my god!  Ok, I haven’t been to an amusement park in years let alone one of this caliber with the rides we were on.  HOLY JEEBUS!  All we did were the roller-coaster type rides, and we couldn’t even get on all of them.  One needs about 3 days to fully do everything in that park.  There were coasters that you stood up on to ride, ones that your feet dangled below you, and even one that you LAID DOWN on and felt like you were flying thru the air.  Truly awesome!  And I can proudly say that I did not lose my cookies, snow cones, or nachos once!  The heat and lack of water got to Magoo however at one point and she had to back out of riding the bat to get herself together.  But noone puked!  (The bat btw, is a coaster that you go backwards on and upside down.  Ugh!)


I only just turned 39.  Kels is 42.  But. But. But.

The next day came and we both admitted to one simple fact………..we are too OLD to do that ever again!  MY GAWD our bodies were sore!  It was crazy!  And in a sense, with all that whipping around those rides do to you, it was as if we were hit by a truck!  Stand in line for 35-45 minutes, get in a car wreck.  Stand in line for 35-45 minutes, get in a car wreck.  Repeat Repeat Repeat!  Sigh.  My body finally feels normal again though so that’s all good.

Needless to say our thrill ride adventure didn’t stop after leaving the park.  We drove into Toronto for dinner, and I realized I couldn’t walk without looking like an 80 year old with a cob stuck up my butt.  I had worn my swimsuit under my clothes in case we did water rides, and let me tell you about having your arse chaffed.  It hurt so damn bad anytime my skin moved around my butt cheeks, it was awful!  I even pulled Kels into the bathroom at the restaurant to SHOW her so she wouldn’t think I was being a wimp.  She definitely realized I wasn’t playing as she said ‘Holy shit honey!  It looks like you have rug burn on your butt and hoochie!’  Yeah, I was hurting in a few ways.  We cut through a hotel to get to our car, and some guy came up and asked if I needed a wheelchair!!!!  Argh!!!

Then the ride home was a joy as it was a downpour of torrential rains as we were clipping along the 401 freeway which has NO lights.  Glory be as we are trying to stay awake at 3 in the morning to get home, the damn windshield wiper flies right off!  We couldn’t even see to pull off the road, but Kels the wonder driver got us on the shoulder eventually.  There was no fixing that thing though, so we had to drive the last hour with one wiper.  Not fun.  But hey, we didn’t have to pay for that thrill ride, so there’s a deal!

And now, I’m wiped again.  I’ve had to wipe my nose damn near every paragraph.  I’m off to lay down and finish up my book!



  1. you’re right, it sure did make me woozy… that feeling stuck with me most of the day too!

  2. Oh I love that miniature hockey rink thing your nephew came up with! How creative!!

    Hahaha you are getting old, Shippie. Maybe Kels should trade you in on a newer model. ;o)

  3. Awww, you sound like a pretty spectacular aunt to me. And having driven like that when the wiper blade absconded in mid ride, I’ll vouch for the fact that while exciting, it is NOT fun!

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