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Noone has experience to be President

August 28, 2008


The title has NOTHING to do with my entry.  However as I was finished writing my blog I was IM’ing with bluesleepy, and I asked her for a title to my blog.  Given what we were already chatting about….that was the next thing out of her mouth.  Or fingers I suppose.  So there ya go!!  It was that or “Muffin on the Rise”, and well, I liked the first better.

Ok so there is no picture for the hair cut.  The transformation I ws so waiting for did not happen, and has unfortunately been postponed for either Saturday or Sunday.  Argh!!

Tuesday night I started my Darts league.  It so happens that the gal who was going to cut my hair is one of my teammates daughters.  We met up at her place before going to darts so her daughter could bring me back to sanity, but she was running late.  Then we found out we had to shoot at 7 PM instead of 8 PM.  Given that it was already 6:30 there was no way she was going to be able to make sense out of this mophead of hair of mine.  It was decided that we would come back after darts and make a late night out of it.

HA!  Darts turned out to be a round-robin tournament, and my teammate kept winninig.  How dare she!  Little turkey ended up in the finals and we didn’t get out of there until almost 11 PM.  She won $50 bucks, and I ended up having to go home with my long locks, and so disappointed.  Alas.

So you don’t get any pictures.  Too you don’t get any pictures from Saturday’s jam or wedding because I’ve been too dang busy with other stuff to load them up!  Ok….I’m kidding.  I’ll let you see ONE pic from Saturday.  I have to do some stuff with the rest of what I uploaded but here ya goes.

If you need a beer, a margarita, or a ‘slow-fuck’, ask one of these gals and they’d be happy to fix your drink! (I swear that is a real drink!  whatever happened to gin and tonic’s eh?)

That would be Magoo on the left, Kel’s in the centre and    me on the right.  And yes indeed, those are my infamous Betty Boop suspenders!  Really a bad pic of all of us…but I did promise I’d post one.  And no, you can’t see how long my awful hair has gotten because it’s as always, pulled back!  You can KIND of catch some of the length over the shoulder…but not enough to understand why I’m going crazy with it!

And here’s just a cute pic of my sweetie pie:

Yes, I cut myself out of the picture cuz, well, I can that’s why.  I looked hideous in that one.  But isn’t she just a cutie patutie??

And here is the happy couple that did NOT end up getting married.  Instead, they told everyone that they had already gotten married in July and this was just a happy reception.  Get this.  They dressed JUST like they did in this picture for their wedding, and pulled up in a ’57 convertible of some sort…..and got married at the Drive-Thru Wedding Chapel here in London!  Ha!  I laughed so hard.  I thought you could only do drive0thru weddings in vegas, but I guess you can here too.  So cool actually.  I guess the minister had a hey day with the two of them dressed up as they were.  Here is a shot of them telling everyone at their home the happy news.  You have to love a dude that wears shoes like that, eh?

Now just to give you an idea of this house they are building.  From where they are standing there is a staircase that goes to the upper loft area that you see.  You turn around and look at the pool…..and here it is:

That is a salt water pool, and is half indoor, half outdoor!

That is a salt water pool, and is half indoor, half outdoor!

Like I had said earlier, the pictures of the place are all covered with those “orbs“.  Sort of distracting on the picture, but thank god they weren’t drinking guests or we’d have really been busy!!

And now, last but not least…the other girl in my life that loves me bunches, and is begging me NOT to go and leave her at home!!

She is just the most adorable little one in the whole world.  I’m sticking to that.  You can’t ever change my mind!!!!

That’s it for now.  I guess I’ll go read what is going on in your worlds now!


Going Batty-Save me

August 25, 2008

I’ve had it.  I’m at my wits end.

With what?

A couple of things.  One thing I can definitely rectify and will be doing just that tomorrow night.  The other is, well, something perhpas some of you can help me.

I am absolutely batty.  Fed up and batty with bats.  Yes.  Bats.  I want them gone!!!

We’re 12 floors up, and seem to have attracted for sure one if not two pesky little bats that have decided our balcony is the place they want to hang out during their downtime.  Well I did not invite them an I refuse to be an accommodating hostess!!  This little rascals perch themselves up in the corner of our balcony and leave their poop all over the place!  And before you ask, yes indeed it is most certainly BAT poop!  Ugh.

This wouldn’t be so bad really as it can easily be cleaned up and isn’t disgustingly large amounts by any means.  However.  When one goes out to sit on the balcony for a cigarette or to just enjoy the evening, a heart attack immediately replaces any sense of calm and serenity when you suddenly hear the flapping wings of bat taking off or coming in to land right near your head.  Kel or I are going to end up going through the screen door again I am sure of it.  Too, we don’t have a light out on our balcony, so the myth that they are squeamish about light can’t even be put to the test.

So.  If any of you have any suggestions on reputable bat repellents or deterrents, I’d love to hear from you.  So far I am not getting anything that even remotely resembles help on the internet searches.  Basically all I am reading is one just has to live with it.  Yes bats are good to have around.  I don’t debate the benefit they provide in eating all the pesky mosquitoes and flies and gnats and whatever else falls trap to their snare.  I don’t want to KILL them….I just want them to say “Whoa Jr!!  That balcony is not a good place to hang out.  Let’s go somewhere else!”  That’s all I want.  Besides, when you are this high up you really aren’t dealing with a big mosquito problem!

Problem #2:  Hair.

Yep.  Those of you who have read me for a couple of years have gone thru my battle of wanting to grow out my hair.  I’ve bitched and whined and blah blah blah.  Well I’m going to ‘kvetch’ one last time.  I’m SO sick of long hair.  I have realized finally that I will NEVER get used to the feeling of hair blowing across my cheeks and in my mouth.  Not only will I not get used to it, I won’t enjoy it either.  I can’t stand the feel of hair on the sides of my face!  And eating hair?  So not something I look forward to.

There’s also the heat.  I’m a natural heater by nature.  I get hot so damn easy, and having a blanket of hair hanging down your neck is not exactly conducive to keeping my body temperature from spiking.  I’m also not a fuss budget when it comes to getting reading in the morning.  I don’t like to spend an hour getting my hair right.  I don’t like spending ten minutes on it to be totally honest.  All I really ever do now id stick in a pony or throw it up in a clip, or in complete frustration put on a ball cap.  While I have a TON of hair, it is horrifically fine so throwing it in a clip or pony does not guarantee that the hair won’t fall out and start falling on and across my face after a couple of hours.

So.  Start the funeral arrangements.  Death to the hair is happening tomorrow night.  I’ve threatened long enough and time is up.  It’s coming OFF!!!!

Kel is a bit freaked I think.  She likes my hair long and is afraid I’m going to do something drastic like get a crew cut or something.  No no.  I assure you I won’t be doing that.

I did have my hair styled with a soft flat type and long bushy bangs years ago and loved it, I hated being mistaken for a guy.  I was mistaken for a boy all the time when I was growing up as a kid and I so hated that.  Too, you wouldn’t believe how many idiots there are out there that immediately assume if you have your hair cut too short that you must be a ‘dyke’.  Ugh.  I so hate that too.  Again while I am in no way ashamed even in the tiniest bit of who I am, I too don’t like to fit into some stupid stereotype.   I actually love it when I’ve known someone for a bit of time and then they find out that I’m gay and they say “No way!!”  Heh, heh.  I love that.  A simple shot into their warped stereotypes.  One point for me!

Anyway.  So tomorrow night is chop-chop day.  Immediately following that I’m off to the first night of my dart league.  I guess in a sense I’ll be getting primped to throw darts, eh?  Should prove to be interesting, as unless you’re in a pro league or real competitive league in the states, you don’t throw metal tipped darts.  Nylon darts and electronic dart boards is all I’ve thrown for years, and it’s an entirely different game.  Here they laugh at me when I mention that.  That’s wussy darts!  heh, heh.  It will be interesting getting used to the weight difference of the metal tipped darts.

Now, metal tipped darts are illegal in a lot of states because of injuries.  Let’s hope I don’t throw too erratically and take off someone ear or third eye!

As for the weekend… was FANTASTIC!  Kels did awesome and I was oh so proud!  The weather cooperated fully and it was a nice turn out for the gig.  And that wedding that we tended bar for was a lot of fun too.  We only had to cut off three people so that wasn’t so bad.  The house was amazing.  Oh, there ended up not being a wedding however.  Small detail I neglected to mention eh!  Turns out the happy couple got married a month ago and kept it all hush hush until the reception this weekend.

I MIGHT have some pictures to post, but my camera was acting goofy and I haven’t had a chance to load them up yet and take a good lookie-loo.  I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of this ‘house’ until after 11:30 pm when we stopped serving, which meant needing a flash.  If any of you are familiar with spirit orbs…..well, there was a whack load of them and thats pretty much all you see in the pictures.

I will see what I can do, especially for you Yankeechick and Cosmic who are so anxious to see pictures! (Besides, you asked just ever so nicely, ya know)   And yeah yeah…..I’ll make sure to get a pic of the new “do” once all these damn locks are cut off!


Tears, jam and cocktails

August 21, 2008

A sucky past few days has finally been bestowed with sunshine and relief!  An old rugby injury to my neck reared it’s devilish head and had me in a whopping amount of pain, discomfort and frustration.  Tuesday night while watching our nephew play his championship soccer game I found myself in the amount of pain that creates tears to fall down MY cheeks, and Kel busted me despite my attempt to shade them with my sunglasses.  (No, I don’t cry from physical pain very often at all.  Guess I’m a brute….or I just hate people to see my tears, lol)

I’d done pain killers, hot packs, cold packs, light stretches and nothing was touching it anymore.  I tried to mask my frozen-in-place neck as I talked to people by moving my entire body.  If I sneezed I cried because of  the shooting pain.

Then came my savior.  All I wanted to do was go home, lay on my back with a towel rolled under my neck and stare at the ceiling.  Sister-in-law wasn’t having it.  Despite my effort to wish no attention drawn to myself, she insisted I go to their place, lay down with a heating pad and wait for her to get there.  She would ‘work on me.”  Hmmm.  I wasn’t so sure.  My neck is a tricky thing and I’d already decided I was going to see a massage therapist, but I didn’t know if I could entrust my precious yet failed neck structure to her hands when I had no idea if she could improve it or not.  I gave in.

(Enter the angels with wings and harps and sing along ….. HALLELUJAH!) I have yet another reason that I am so grateful to have the most amazing woman in the world as my wife and life partner…..she has a sister-in-law that KICKS ASS when doing massages!!  OMG.  She had me on the floor and worked on me for about 45 minutes and was so, so, so, SO damn good!  Praise Jesus and Praise Sisinlaw!

I didn’t phone her until last night to let her know what a hell of a job she did, as I wanted to see how the whole day went.  I was like a new woman.  No pain when sneezing.  No pain when just sitting there.  No more need for pain meds or muscle relaxers.  And I could turn my neck!  Waaaa hoooooey.  Thank god for SIL’s with good hands!

Tomorrow is a busy day, and Saturday is busy but fun packed!  I’ve got some “work” lined up tomorrow night so I’ll be able to put some cash into our pot which is nice.  I’ve also gotten some “work” lined up bi-weekly for a little extra cash.  Oh how I can’t wait until I can actually work-work again!

Saturday will be awesome.  Kel’s band has a gig in the afternoon; an outdoor jam session.  I can’t wait!!!  I get to see my baby jamming on the bass for most of it, and the drums on a few songs too.  Wootness!  Yes.  I will probably be grinning from ear to ear and someone will have to slap me back to reality.  Sigh.   She’s just so damn cute y’all!  Once can’t help but grin when they see her.  And to see her jamming on her drum kit or behind a bass???  Well.  I will just stop right there.

After that we head to a wedding.  A friend of the family is getting married and it is not the first for either of them.  Given this, they’ve opted to have a fun and casual ceremony at their house, with the reception immediately following, to bring their families together.

Ahem.  I should clarify “house.”  It’s a big old, huge mo-fo’ing, gargantuan dwelling unit!  They just had this house custom built for them actually, and jmoved in over the last couple of months.  I will tell you this: the house has TEN bedrooms, each with it’s own balcony; 14 bathrooms, one of which is in the garage; an enormous fountain and water display that you see as you walk into the main entrance of the house.  If that isn’t enough for you, they also have an enormous pool.  A pool?  No big deal-lots of houses have pools.  Ahem.  No.  This pool is mongo!  So mongo that half of it is indoors, and the other half is outside.  INSANE!!
Kel, Magoo and I have been hired to be bartenders for the event.  Three of us.  That tells me it’s going to be hopping with at least a couple of hundred people.  They are also hiring lifeguards for the pool so that everyone is safe and watched over.

I am really excited!  We’ll be donned with tux shirts and ties and black trousers.  It will be fun to be the bubbly bartenders.  These are actually friends of Kel’s parents, so too, this allows us to be there and enjoy in the fun but not with the worry and discomfort of mingling and making smalltalk.  We just found out we’re getting paid even though we volunteered, so that will be awesome too.  Add to that the tip jar with all of those people, and cha-ching!  Yeeowza!  And the food will be incredible I am sure given the little that I know of this woman.

So that’s it for now.  Time to get another book started!  After I have some yogurt and fresh strawberries of course.  I’m craving something sweet, and I think that is just the thing to cure this hankerin’!


A time to brag

August 16, 2008

We’re all human.  Every now and again we all like to brag.  Right?  Right!

Lo and behold, I forgot to brag about something a few weeks back so I’ve decided to just do it now!!!  Wootness!  (Oh auntie poolie, WHY did you ever start saying ‘wootness?’  Gads!  Seems as I can’t get that word out of my vocabulary.)

Every year since 2004 a local radio station has hosted a 3-day long, outdoor concert to raise money for Bethany’s Hope Foundation; a charity focused on research for Metachromatic Leukodystrophy.   The acts they bring in are awesome!  And as many of you know if you’ve ever been to an outdoor concert, there’s nothing like it!  I love them.  Being that I’m not always a big ‘crowd’ person, I don’t always like get sandwiched like a sardine into a closed stadium with thousands of other people.  At least with an outdoor event there aren’t any real walls to speak of, so you don’t fee quite so smooshed.  You still get sandwiched, but it’s not near so bad.

Too, music just sounds different pumping out of mongo speakers and bouncing off the trees rather than man-made walls.  People are hanging out, chatting, lounging on lawn-chairs, enjoying a beer or wine cooler in the hot sun, and just having a good time.  True enough, where there’s beer/alcohol there’s always a few idiots who consume too much and make fools of themselves.  And of course there is the business of rows and rows of port-a-potties that can make one hurl-up even if they haven’t consumed too much.  However, all in all-give me an outdoor concert any day!

This years lineup was awesome!  We were lucky to score some all-day tickets from a friend of Kel’s, and it was “dope” i tell you!  Dope!!  (I promise, I’m not a teeny bopper.  I just act like one on occasion in my blog.)

So for those of you out there who can appreciate the GOOD classic bands of yesterday, then you may just be a tad jealous of who we got to tap our feet to and get sweaty over all day.  Those of you who don’t get into music, or don’t appreciate the really good stuff will just gloss over this and think ‘pffft’, sounds boring to me!  Ha!  It was anything but boring, I assure you!

Line-up that we got see perform was:

Streetheart (Canadian band- I admit I did not know of this group but they were pretty good.)

April Wine

Grand Funk Railroad

Bachman and Cummings

Amazing!  They SO can still rock it out with the best of them!  The drummer from April Wine is now 69 but he can still put the young boys to shame.  And Bachman and Cummings??  Hell.  I didn’t want them to stop.

There were other bands just as noteworthy that we weren’t lucky enough to see as we only scored tickets for the one day.  Imagine how jealous you’d be if I said I also got to watch the following:  Steve Winwood, Sammy Hagar, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Skid Row, Lee Aaron, Tom Cochrane, The Sweet and Pat Travers. I would have LOVED to have seen Steve Winwood.  Alas, we were only lucky enough for the one day.

I ended up with a boyfriend that night.  Where we were standing there was this cute dude who was pretty loaded and quite the flirt.  He was definitely wanting to get some that night.  He started flirting with me and coming on pretty strong, and I’d finally had enough.  Now, sometimes you have to evaluate situations like this and pick your battle, so to speak.  It was clear to me that for the most part he was really harmless, but he was getting annoying.  Rather than tell him to bite off and not be an ass, but rather to just keep the peace and hopefully sway him to another poor sot, I asked a dude that was hanging out with us to be my boyfriend.  It worked.  As he came up to me again my new ‘boyfriend’ came up and put his arm around me and introduced both of us to drunk horny man.  Beautifully done.  He said hello, blah blah blah, and went on to someone else.

Some of you may say that I should have just told the guy off, or told him hey, I’m not interested, or even suggested saying look dude, I’m not interested and on top of that I’m married to that gorgeous woman over there.  Nopers.  I can’t tell you HOW many times telling a guy that causes more problems than it’s worth!  Guys seem to get turned on and cranked up even more when they sense a challenge of the sexes.  So not worth it.  It’s sickening actually how guys react to that.  Worse yet, they will get all pissy and obnoxious telling you and everyone within earshot that your a eff’n dyke and just haven’t had the right guy as they grab a hold of their weenie manhood package between their legs.  Sometimes they’ll even scream at you, telling you that you didn’t have to say you were a lesbo just because you weren’t interested in the guy.  Argh!!  Drives me nuts sometimes.  So, the easiest was to just have a nice guy pretend he was my dude for 3 minutes, and all was well.

We then got invited along to go to a Pig Roast afterwards.  (So sorry to my veg friends-this may sound disgusting to you.)  One o’clock in the morning and we’re eating pork right off the fire.  Pretty darn good stuff though, and we met some interesting people.  120 pound pig-that is a huge pig!  lawdy lawdy lawdy!!

So anyhoo.  That was our weekend a few weeks ago.  I forgot to brag.  Neener neener poo poo!


Sit Ubu, Sit!

August 13, 2008

Sweet honey couldn’t roust me out of bed today to go pick up nephew for a day of golf.  (And yes, this cute little eight year old plays REAL golf, not mini.  He’s got his own clubs, his own bag, and his own pull cart.  Not shabby!)  Apparently I was rather ornery, although I don’t recall this, and Kel’s gave up trying to wake me.

Now, when Ipo gets stubborn on her walks and decides she’s done, she just stands there.  She will NOT budge.  Only thing we’ve found that works is we say to her “ok then, bye bye!!” and start to walk away from her.  Poor little girl freaks out and starts running again.  Kind of a trick I suppose, but one does what they have to.

I mention this only because according to Kel, I made a rather interesting, and snarky statement to her this morning prior to her finally deciding to give up getting me up.  She didn’t realize it, but I guess she made the statement to me, “well ok then, you stay here.  I’m going.  Byyyyee!”  She thought nothing of this comment until I, in my ‘I’m so not awake leave me alone” attitude, retorted by scowling back at her and saying “I AM NOT A DOG!!!!”  It’s darn funny now.  I wish I could remember it.  I guess she left with quite a chuckle.  It’s so nice to know that I can entertain people even when I’m in a comatose state.

I stayed home and made copious amounts of zucchini bread.  Turned out pretty damn well if I do say so myself!  Last night we made peach crisp with these incredibly sweet and fresh peaches we picked up.  Nummers, num mum nummy!!

Magoo stopped up to ask if we wanted to go out for a pint as she had a crappy day at work and wanted to just go and hang out, chill, and hopefully laugh.  We headed to a place called the Alibi and had a few brews out in the warm sun, and engaged in some rather odd conversation with a couple sitting down the way from us.  They sort of became our buddies in a matter of 2.6 minutes.  Argh!  Don’t get me wrong now, I am the type who talks to anyone anywhere and starts up conversation all of the time.  I love to meet people and chat away in all kinds of odd directions.  However.  This one got a bit weird.  I’ll just say this:  The evening ended with the 72 year old dude telling us all about his man boobs and how in the day he was built like a He-Man….and then he finally pulled up his t-shirt to show us those said man boobs.  Alllllrighty then!

Then, being the sweetheart that my wifey is, she had offered the woman a ride home if she didn’t live “too far.”  She took us up on it, and as she got into the car she apparently dinged the hell out of the car next to us with the car door, and said not a word.  Needless to say, the woman lived LESS than a BLOCK from the restaurant!!  I mean really, she could have walked across the street and been home in less time than it took for us to get her in the car, drive around the blocks, and then out of the car.  Again, not a big deal really, but just odd.

Magoo and I got a wild hair up our butts after this and decided it’d be fun to go bowling.  We mentioned it to Kels and she was game  so off we went!  Oh my goodness it was hysterical.  I haven’t bowled in a few years so it was quite entertaining.  The alley had all brand new shoes so that was an awesome feeling to slip your feet into bowling shoes that had never been sweat in or sprayed with the ‘de-funk’ spray.  I’m not even going to bother telling you what our scores were so don’t even ask.  We had FUN…and that is all that matters, so poo poo on you who care about scores!  heh heh.

Tomorrow  is put away the laundry day, finishing up this horrific and stupid book I am reading, (can’t stop reading a book just ‘cuz it’s stupid.  I always have to finish it regardless.), and then it’s dragon boating practice in the evening.

For Kel’s sake, I hope I wake up a littl nicer and don’t accuse her of treating me like I’m a dog.

Poor Kel’s.


Use my brain? Ha!

August 11, 2008

Ok so I stole this test from Poolie who stole it from someone else……and WOW.  I’m amazed at how acurately it describes me!  And it’s good to know I’m more visual than auditory since I’m near completely deaf on my right side!

Anyway….want to get to know me a little more according this particular site, then here ya be!!

Your Brain Usage Profile:

Auditory : 22%
Visual : 77%
Left : 36%
Right : 63%

“Shippie, you are somewhat right-hemisphere dominant and have a strong visual preference, a blend of characteristics which typically apply to persons with an “artistic” temperament.

In all likelihood, you naturally act in the way that people have come to expect artists to act. With your dominant visual learning style you are active and seeking, working to absorb all of the facets of your environment. Your mind rarely rests, for even when you are not scouring the environment you are turning your searchlight on your own internal processes.

You are intense! In continually processing the data as you do on a multidimensional level, you spend little of your time in reflection — or sometimes in social niceties. There is a high probability that you are “out of check” — though not out of control — sometimes, swept away by the feelings of the moment. You are one of those individuals that may well attempt to assemble a complex piece of equipment without reading the directions or following a sequence, though you might look at the diagram. Sequencing your own behavior is problematic at times.

You are rarely reflective about yourself or your motivations. You know when things are right because you feel it, you intuit as automatically as you breathe. With others, you tend to “go with your guts,” not needing rules or expectations to govern your friendships.

You absorb material rapidly and randomly, it is filed “helter skelter” internally. Listening or learning from materials presented in a purely verbal fashion is not your “strong suit” and your performance in situations designed for left-hemisphere dominant persons will not always measure up to the expectations of others. If you have particular learning needs, it is to sequence material and remain focused while you are processing, to develop “structuring” techniques, and to become more efficient with your spontaneity and creativity.”

Of course, the true test of accuracy would be in Poolie’s opinion since she’s known me all my life!

Other news, Dragon Boating practice got canceled tonight-major bummer.  Apparently we weren’t going to have a boat to paddle in since the guy who lugs the thing back and forth to the river blew some bearings.  Yes, the bearings in the WHEELS, not the emotional or directional ones.  So alas, practice is rescheduled for Wednesday night.

Tomorrow Kels and I are taking our 8 year old nephew golfing.  He so loves this sport.  Should be fun!  Hopefully it won’t rain.  Too damn much rain this year I tell ya!  Ugh!


Dragon boat races again, but maybe not

August 11, 2008

Saturday was another racing day for our dragon boat team. While I have historically been more of a ‘support’ team member due to not being able to afford the entry and membership fees, things have started to change. Last Monday at practice I was asked to jump in the boat to paddle the second leg as there weren’t enough people that showed up. It was AWESOME! I LOVED it! Granted, my stamina wasn’t exactly what I’d hoped for, but it was such a rush!

The captain of the team was informed of my apparent strength and quick grasp of the different strokes, and she asked if I was going to be at the races on Saturday. She said they need strong paddlers, and that she wanted to put me in one of the races on Saturday if I was game. Wootness! But of course I had to tell her that we aren’t in a position to cover all of the fees for both of us so she may want to reconsider that offer, and she said PFFFT! “It’s just between the three of us, and I’m telling you to just not worry about it. Our secret.” Well well well!!

So of course I was nervous as hell Saturday morning as we left at 7 AM for Woodstock. Nervous, but so excited! The Woodstock races host about 46 teams so it’s a lot bigger than the last one we did. Each heat consists of 4 boats at a time instead of two, so obviously the pressure is a little tighter. But hey, give me a challenge and I’m up for it!! Even with the fact that the race length was 500 metres instead of 300. Bring it on.

It was a balmy morning on Saturday but the sun came out and it was gorgeous. Our team got through two heats with our best times in probably the past few years!! I was slotted to paddle in the engine room for heat 3 and I was sooooo stoked!

And then.

It happened.

The sky opened up and completely soaked us. High winds, black clouds, loud claps of thunder and wicked jolts of lightening. Everyone was running and taking cover in their teams tents and tarps, and trying with no success to stay dry.

The announcer kept saying “we’re going to wait another 5-10 minutes to see what the word is from Great North and we’ll let you know when we’re going to start again.” Ugh. That went on for about an hour and a half. Yes. No. We’re starting. We have to wait. Next team load the boats. Teams get out of the boat and off the water. UGH!

Needless to say the even finally was called and we all had to pack up and call it a day. SUCH a bummer! We didn’t even get close to the medal rounds. No awards. No sense of completion or achievement. No race for me. Sigh.

So alas. Tonight we have practice and it’s an iffy day looking at the clouds. Hopefully we’ll be able to get out and do some paddling. Lot of practice to get 20 people stroking in sync and at the same paddle depth and angle. But hey, we’re going to be in great form for the next races!! Wootness!! And hey, it was still an awesome day. Lots fun, laughter and great conversation. Good food. And a few heats with some damn awesome times.

Next races are September 13th in Stratford. THIS one is a REALLY huge event. Over 100 teams at that one! YIKES!!

Bring it on!