Use my brain? Ha!

August 11, 2008

Ok so I stole this test from Poolie who stole it from someone else……and WOW.  I’m amazed at how acurately it describes me!  And it’s good to know I’m more visual than auditory since I’m near completely deaf on my right side!

Anyway….want to get to know me a little more according this particular site, then here ya be!!

Your Brain Usage Profile:

Auditory : 22%
Visual : 77%
Left : 36%
Right : 63%

“Shippie, you are somewhat right-hemisphere dominant and have a strong visual preference, a blend of characteristics which typically apply to persons with an “artistic” temperament.

In all likelihood, you naturally act in the way that people have come to expect artists to act. With your dominant visual learning style you are active and seeking, working to absorb all of the facets of your environment. Your mind rarely rests, for even when you are not scouring the environment you are turning your searchlight on your own internal processes.

You are intense! In continually processing the data as you do on a multidimensional level, you spend little of your time in reflection — or sometimes in social niceties. There is a high probability that you are “out of check” — though not out of control — sometimes, swept away by the feelings of the moment. You are one of those individuals that may well attempt to assemble a complex piece of equipment without reading the directions or following a sequence, though you might look at the diagram. Sequencing your own behavior is problematic at times.

You are rarely reflective about yourself or your motivations. You know when things are right because you feel it, you intuit as automatically as you breathe. With others, you tend to “go with your guts,” not needing rules or expectations to govern your friendships.

You absorb material rapidly and randomly, it is filed “helter skelter” internally. Listening or learning from materials presented in a purely verbal fashion is not your “strong suit” and your performance in situations designed for left-hemisphere dominant persons will not always measure up to the expectations of others. If you have particular learning needs, it is to sequence material and remain focused while you are processing, to develop “structuring” techniques, and to become more efficient with your spontaneity and creativity.”

Of course, the true test of accuracy would be in Poolie’s opinion since she’s known me all my life!

Other news, Dragon Boating practice got canceled tonight-major bummer.  Apparently we weren’t going to have a boat to paddle in since the guy who lugs the thing back and forth to the river blew some bearings.  Yes, the bearings in the WHEELS, not the emotional or directional ones.  So alas, practice is rescheduled for Wednesday night.

Tomorrow Kels and I are taking our 8 year old nephew golfing.  He so loves this sport.  Should be fun!  Hopefully it won’t rain.  Too damn much rain this year I tell ya!  Ugh!



  1. I started golfing around that age. My grandfather insisted, thus killing any joy in it. Glad there’s a kid who plays just for fun! ~LA

  2. that is really a cool description!! i wonder if it’s typical to be more visual than audial or the other way around? are you doing mini golf or the real deal? (both are fun)

  3. Methinks it is YOU to a tee! Not a t-shirt.

  4. It was all pretty intense for me to absorb, but I got the ‘helter-skelter’ thing! I would think that would be you to a T. Hahahaha

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