Sit Ubu, Sit!

August 13, 2008

Sweet honey couldn’t roust me out of bed today to go pick up nephew for a day of golf.  (And yes, this cute little eight year old plays REAL golf, not mini.  He’s got his own clubs, his own bag, and his own pull cart.  Not shabby!)  Apparently I was rather ornery, although I don’t recall this, and Kel’s gave up trying to wake me.

Now, when Ipo gets stubborn on her walks and decides she’s done, she just stands there.  She will NOT budge.  Only thing we’ve found that works is we say to her “ok then, bye bye!!” and start to walk away from her.  Poor little girl freaks out and starts running again.  Kind of a trick I suppose, but one does what they have to.

I mention this only because according to Kel, I made a rather interesting, and snarky statement to her this morning prior to her finally deciding to give up getting me up.  She didn’t realize it, but I guess she made the statement to me, “well ok then, you stay here.  I’m going.  Byyyyee!”  She thought nothing of this comment until I, in my ‘I’m so not awake leave me alone” attitude, retorted by scowling back at her and saying “I AM NOT A DOG!!!!”  It’s darn funny now.  I wish I could remember it.  I guess she left with quite a chuckle.  It’s so nice to know that I can entertain people even when I’m in a comatose state.

I stayed home and made copious amounts of zucchini bread.  Turned out pretty damn well if I do say so myself!  Last night we made peach crisp with these incredibly sweet and fresh peaches we picked up.  Nummers, num mum nummy!!

Magoo stopped up to ask if we wanted to go out for a pint as she had a crappy day at work and wanted to just go and hang out, chill, and hopefully laugh.  We headed to a place called the Alibi and had a few brews out in the warm sun, and engaged in some rather odd conversation with a couple sitting down the way from us.  They sort of became our buddies in a matter of 2.6 minutes.  Argh!  Don’t get me wrong now, I am the type who talks to anyone anywhere and starts up conversation all of the time.  I love to meet people and chat away in all kinds of odd directions.  However.  This one got a bit weird.  I’ll just say this:  The evening ended with the 72 year old dude telling us all about his man boobs and how in the day he was built like a He-Man….and then he finally pulled up his t-shirt to show us those said man boobs.  Alllllrighty then!

Then, being the sweetheart that my wifey is, she had offered the woman a ride home if she didn’t live “too far.”  She took us up on it, and as she got into the car she apparently dinged the hell out of the car next to us with the car door, and said not a word.  Needless to say, the woman lived LESS than a BLOCK from the restaurant!!  I mean really, she could have walked across the street and been home in less time than it took for us to get her in the car, drive around the blocks, and then out of the car.  Again, not a big deal really, but just odd.

Magoo and I got a wild hair up our butts after this and decided it’d be fun to go bowling.  We mentioned it to Kels and she was game  so off we went!  Oh my goodness it was hysterical.  I haven’t bowled in a few years so it was quite entertaining.  The alley had all brand new shoes so that was an awesome feeling to slip your feet into bowling shoes that had never been sweat in or sprayed with the ‘de-funk’ spray.  I’m not even going to bother telling you what our scores were so don’t even ask.  We had FUN…and that is all that matters, so poo poo on you who care about scores!  heh heh.

Tomorrow  is put away the laundry day, finishing up this horrific and stupid book I am reading, (can’t stop reading a book just ‘cuz it’s stupid.  I always have to finish it regardless.), and then it’s dragon boating practice in the evening.

For Kel’s sake, I hope I wake up a littl nicer and don’t accuse her of treating me like I’m a dog.

Poor Kel’s.



  1. I am SO THRILLED you are actually updating regularly, dollface! Love, R xxx

  2. I’m the same way with books. No matter how abysmal, if I start it I MUST finish it!

  3. Poor Kel’s indeed! That IS funny, tho’. Now, when you’re done with the laundry, go back and do the Meme, the right way!!! No cheating!!!!!!!!! Then you can finish your stupid book!

  4. I hope you weren’t offended by my golf question. I think it’s fabulous that Kel’s nephew plays REAL golf. THat’s a challenging sport for adults much less a kid. *grin* I’m glad he plays, though. 🙂

  5. Wooooooo!! Now I have yet another activity for when you come to visit me!! We can go BOWLING!! The alley on base is really nice — very clean and recently remodeled. We love it. Our scores won’t be any better than yours, so it’ll be more fun than competitive. YAY!!!

    Hey, Shippie — can ya come over here and help me with my zucchini bread??? Thanks, sweetie. 😉

  6. PS — I was laughing my ass off at your first few paragraphs. I don’t wake up well either, so this could have been a conversation between Kurt and me. Are you sure we’re not somehow twins??

  7. Wooof!

  8. First, I must cry about your zuchini. I bought some yellow summer squash and some zuchini for my salads the other day. I bought two of each. I ended up tossing out the second summer squash before the second zuchini because it went bad.

    So yesterday, I tell hubby to pick up some zuchini. I said, “Don’t get the yellow squash because it goes bad too quickly.” What do you suppose he cam hom with?? More importantly, what do you think he came homw without?

    Next time you go to the market, can you “FETCH” me som zuchini? Hehe, sorry. I couldn’t resist.

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