A time to brag

August 16, 2008

We’re all human.  Every now and again we all like to brag.  Right?  Right!

Lo and behold, I forgot to brag about something a few weeks back so I’ve decided to just do it now!!!  Wootness!  (Oh auntie poolie, WHY did you ever start saying ‘wootness?’  Gads!  Seems as I can’t get that word out of my vocabulary.)

Every year since 2004 a local radio station has hosted a 3-day long, outdoor concert to raise money for Bethany’s Hope Foundation; a charity focused on research for Metachromatic Leukodystrophy.   The acts they bring in are awesome!  And as many of you know if you’ve ever been to an outdoor concert, there’s nothing like it!  I love them.  Being that I’m not always a big ‘crowd’ person, I don’t always like get sandwiched like a sardine into a closed stadium with thousands of other people.  At least with an outdoor event there aren’t any real walls to speak of, so you don’t fee quite so smooshed.  You still get sandwiched, but it’s not near so bad.

Too, music just sounds different pumping out of mongo speakers and bouncing off the trees rather than man-made walls.  People are hanging out, chatting, lounging on lawn-chairs, enjoying a beer or wine cooler in the hot sun, and just having a good time.  True enough, where there’s beer/alcohol there’s always a few idiots who consume too much and make fools of themselves.  And of course there is the business of rows and rows of port-a-potties that can make one hurl-up even if they haven’t consumed too much.  However, all in all-give me an outdoor concert any day!

This years lineup was awesome!  We were lucky to score some all-day tickets from a friend of Kel’s, and it was “dope” i tell you!  Dope!!  (I promise, I’m not a teeny bopper.  I just act like one on occasion in my blog.)

So for those of you out there who can appreciate the GOOD classic bands of yesterday, then you may just be a tad jealous of who we got to tap our feet to and get sweaty over all day.  Those of you who don’t get into music, or don’t appreciate the really good stuff will just gloss over this and think ‘pffft’, sounds boring to me!  Ha!  It was anything but boring, I assure you!

Line-up that we got see perform was:

Streetheart (Canadian band- I admit I did not know of this group but they were pretty good.)

April Wine

Grand Funk Railroad

Bachman and Cummings

Amazing!  They SO can still rock it out with the best of them!  The drummer from April Wine is now 69 but he can still put the young boys to shame.  And Bachman and Cummings??  Hell.  I didn’t want them to stop.

There were other bands just as noteworthy that we weren’t lucky enough to see as we only scored tickets for the one day.  Imagine how jealous you’d be if I said I also got to watch the following:  Steve Winwood, Sammy Hagar, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Skid Row, Lee Aaron, Tom Cochrane, The Sweet and Pat Travers. I would have LOVED to have seen Steve Winwood.  Alas, we were only lucky enough for the one day.

I ended up with a boyfriend that night.  Where we were standing there was this cute dude who was pretty loaded and quite the flirt.  He was definitely wanting to get some that night.  He started flirting with me and coming on pretty strong, and I’d finally had enough.  Now, sometimes you have to evaluate situations like this and pick your battle, so to speak.  It was clear to me that for the most part he was really harmless, but he was getting annoying.  Rather than tell him to bite off and not be an ass, but rather to just keep the peace and hopefully sway him to another poor sot, I asked a dude that was hanging out with us to be my boyfriend.  It worked.  As he came up to me again my new ‘boyfriend’ came up and put his arm around me and introduced both of us to drunk horny man.  Beautifully done.  He said hello, blah blah blah, and went on to someone else.

Some of you may say that I should have just told the guy off, or told him hey, I’m not interested, or even suggested saying look dude, I’m not interested and on top of that I’m married to that gorgeous woman over there.  Nopers.  I can’t tell you HOW many times telling a guy that causes more problems than it’s worth!  Guys seem to get turned on and cranked up even more when they sense a challenge of the sexes.  So not worth it.  It’s sickening actually how guys react to that.  Worse yet, they will get all pissy and obnoxious telling you and everyone within earshot that your a eff’n dyke and just haven’t had the right guy as they grab a hold of their weenie manhood package between their legs.  Sometimes they’ll even scream at you, telling you that you didn’t have to say you were a lesbo just because you weren’t interested in the guy.  Argh!!  Drives me nuts sometimes.  So, the easiest was to just have a nice guy pretend he was my dude for 3 minutes, and all was well.

We then got invited along to go to a Pig Roast afterwards.  (So sorry to my veg friends-this may sound disgusting to you.)  One o’clock in the morning and we’re eating pork right off the fire.  Pretty darn good stuff though, and we met some interesting people.  120 pound pig-that is a huge pig!  lawdy lawdy lawdy!!

So anyhoo.  That was our weekend a few weeks ago.  I forgot to brag.  Neener neener poo poo!



  1. Sounds like an AWESOME time! I *am* jealous of that lineup. It must’ve been a blast and a half 😀

  2. Bachman and Cummings, eh? Your cute new boyfriend wasn’t THIS man, was it? http://nicim.diaryland.com/050802_55.html Love, R xxx

    RESPONSE BY SHIPPIE: Omg….you cracked me up in a huge way with that damn link!! Ha!! Thank goodness, no it was not ‘him.’ whew!

  3. Wow, what an amazing lineup got you to see!!! It sounds like y’all had a bunch of fun.

    It sucks you have to deal with men that think they can change you. Men can be such jerks sometimes. I like how you handled that drunk and horny guy. Very effetive!!!


  5. that was a veru clever way to handle the situation. nicely done. and as far as a pig roast, i’ve actually been to one when i was at summer camp years ago. it was pretty tasty. of course, i don’t have a desire for that now, but i bet you enjoyed it and it was a lot of fun!

    and to answer your question… he does manual manipulation. har har..that was funny just typing that. sorry….. 🙂

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