Tears, jam and cocktails

August 21, 2008

A sucky past few days has finally been bestowed with sunshine and relief!  An old rugby injury to my neck reared it’s devilish head and had me in a whopping amount of pain, discomfort and frustration.  Tuesday night while watching our nephew play his championship soccer game I found myself in the amount of pain that creates tears to fall down MY cheeks, and Kel busted me despite my attempt to shade them with my sunglasses.  (No, I don’t cry from physical pain very often at all.  Guess I’m a brute….or I just hate people to see my tears, lol)

I’d done pain killers, hot packs, cold packs, light stretches and nothing was touching it anymore.  I tried to mask my frozen-in-place neck as I talked to people by moving my entire body.  If I sneezed I cried because of  the shooting pain.

Then came my savior.  All I wanted to do was go home, lay on my back with a towel rolled under my neck and stare at the ceiling.  Sister-in-law wasn’t having it.  Despite my effort to wish no attention drawn to myself, she insisted I go to their place, lay down with a heating pad and wait for her to get there.  She would ‘work on me.”  Hmmm.  I wasn’t so sure.  My neck is a tricky thing and I’d already decided I was going to see a massage therapist, but I didn’t know if I could entrust my precious yet failed neck structure to her hands when I had no idea if she could improve it or not.  I gave in.

(Enter the angels with wings and harps and sing along ….. HALLELUJAH!) I have yet another reason that I am so grateful to have the most amazing woman in the world as my wife and life partner…..she has a sister-in-law that KICKS ASS when doing massages!!  OMG.  She had me on the floor and worked on me for about 45 minutes and was so, so, so, SO damn good!  Praise Jesus and Praise Sisinlaw!

I didn’t phone her until last night to let her know what a hell of a job she did, as I wanted to see how the whole day went.  I was like a new woman.  No pain when sneezing.  No pain when just sitting there.  No more need for pain meds or muscle relaxers.  And I could turn my neck!  Waaaa hoooooey.  Thank god for SIL’s with good hands!

Tomorrow is a busy day, and Saturday is busy but fun packed!  I’ve got some “work” lined up tomorrow night so I’ll be able to put some cash into our pot which is nice.  I’ve also gotten some “work” lined up bi-weekly for a little extra cash.  Oh how I can’t wait until I can actually work-work again!

Saturday will be awesome.  Kel’s band has a gig in the afternoon; an outdoor jam session.  I can’t wait!!!  I get to see my baby jamming on the bass for most of it, and the drums on a few songs too.  Wootness!  Yes.  I will probably be grinning from ear to ear and someone will have to slap me back to reality.  Sigh.   She’s just so damn cute y’all!  Once can’t help but grin when they see her.  And to see her jamming on her drum kit or behind a bass???  Well.  I will just stop right there.

After that we head to a wedding.  A friend of the family is getting married and it is not the first for either of them.  Given this, they’ve opted to have a fun and casual ceremony at their house, with the reception immediately following, to bring their families together.

Ahem.  I should clarify “house.”  It’s a big old, huge mo-fo’ing, gargantuan dwelling unit!  They just had this house custom built for them actually, and jmoved in over the last couple of months.  I will tell you this: the house has TEN bedrooms, each with it’s own balcony; 14 bathrooms, one of which is in the garage; an enormous fountain and water display that you see as you walk into the main entrance of the house.  If that isn’t enough for you, they also have an enormous pool.  A pool?  No big deal-lots of houses have pools.  Ahem.  No.  This pool is mongo!  So mongo that half of it is indoors, and the other half is outside.  INSANE!!
Kel, Magoo and I have been hired to be bartenders for the event.  Three of us.  That tells me it’s going to be hopping with at least a couple of hundred people.  They are also hiring lifeguards for the pool so that everyone is safe and watched over.

I am really excited!  We’ll be donned with tux shirts and ties and black trousers.  It will be fun to be the bubbly bartenders.  These are actually friends of Kel’s parents, so too, this allows us to be there and enjoy in the fun but not with the worry and discomfort of mingling and making smalltalk.  We just found out we’re getting paid even though we volunteered, so that will be awesome too.  Add to that the tip jar with all of those people, and cha-ching!  Yeeowza!  And the food will be incredible I am sure given the little that I know of this woman.

So that’s it for now.  Time to get another book started!  After I have some yogurt and fresh strawberries of course.  I’m craving something sweet, and I think that is just the thing to cure this hankerin’!



  1. Wow – sounds like a nice deal you scored for the wedding! And lucky you on the SIL who’s also a masseuse! Now THAT’S what you call fringe benefits, lol!

  2. God bless talented SIL’s! So glad you got relief from your neck pain!

    Enjoy Kel’s gig and have fun at the wedding. Pictures of Kel ‘jamming’ would be nice! {hint, hint}

  3. I was just thinking while reading you that I don’t know what you or Kel look like and then read yankeechicks comment. I need a pic to put a face to you!

  4. Glad your neck is better, keed! Methinks it’s time for pictures, eh?

  5. YAY on getting your neck fixed!! I KNOW that if there were tears slipping down your cheeks, you were in some severe pain. And I’m glad that you were fixed so easily by your SIL.

    I hope you had a BLAST at that wedding, my dear!!

  6. i am thrilled to hear that you were relieved of your pain. there is nothing like a pain that takes all your will to live away (ok, not that dramatic but I know you were really hurting). perhaps in addition to massages, maybe it might be worth it to look into going to a reputable chiropractor? just a thought.

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