September 12, 2008

The Contest is Finally HERE!  “Who Looks Most Like Their Pet??”

Ok, so I have finally gotten all of the pictures loaded.  Things did NOT work the way I had wanted.  I’m not an html queen by any means, and wordpress was really pissing me off by screwing with even the most basic formatting of pictures and captions!  And alas, no matter I tried I could not get the pollcode generator to embed onto this page, so you’ll have to click a link at the bottom to get to the voting area.  Sigh.

Regardless, the contest is ON!  Peruse the photos and decide which person most looks like their pet!  You can only vote once per day, but I am going to be leaving this open until Monday so you will actually have a few chances if you’re dying to see someone specifically win!  I’ll be out of town all day tomorrow at another dragon boat race, and I’m sure I’ll be busy on Sunday and away from the computer.  So!  Thar ya be!!

Have fun everyone!  And remember…the winner is getting a most esteemed prize package!  You can go back two entries to review those specifics if you missed it!

And the contestants are:  (drum roll please!!)


Hissantell's "J" and Cockatiel Scrawn!!hissantell‘s hubby “J” and their Supphur Crested Cockatoo Scrawn!!



Rosietoes and.....
Rosietoes and……




Bholles and.....
Bholles (aka Mom aka BigSIs) and ……

.....doggie Mia!!
….and Doggie Mia!!



YankeeChik and....
YankeeChik and…..

....BOTH of her beautiful girls!
….and BOTH her darling beauties!!!



Ornerypest and Bruce kitty!!
OrneryPest and Bruce!! (hand up…saying pick me??)



Poolagirl and Tucker!!!
Poolie and Tucker!!



Rosietoes' Josh and....
Rosietoes’ Josh and……

….and Calvin!!



Mia Farrow and....
Mia Farrow and …….

.....her goat Woody!!
…her goat Woody!!



Shippie and...
Shippie and….

….Ipo!!! (Can I just say how mad she is that I’m posting this?? Her ears aren’t showing and her eye is messed up. She is soooo mad!)

TO VOTE….Click right HERE and you’ll be redirected!!

Poll closes on Monday!!



  1. IT BURNS! IT BURNS! I can’t choose! The resemblances of ALL your lovely contestants to their pets are just too much for my poor eyes to take! Love, R xxx

  2. Also, Scrawn is deeply offended. She said to tell you she’s a fine big brave Sulphur-crested cockatoo and NOT a cockatiel which are much smaller and, apparently (she says) wimpier. x

  3. Oh Lawdy! I’m not up on my bird breeds! Send my apologies to Scrawn and give a few extra chest rubs to make up for my mistake! It’s been corrected! And come one Hiss! You gotta pick SOMEone!!

  4. OMG too funny!!!!

  5. This is awesome! Good job, Shippy! But what if YOU win??? I protest you entry!!! (JK, kiss kiss)

  6. Lol. NO worries YC if I win….that isn’t going to happen! I should have included that as a disclaimer that even if I did pull the most votes… the next person would win. Same goes for the person who doesn’t really own a dog, lol. If she pulls the most votes she’ll get something, but the next runner up with get the prize package! Besides, poolie and I entered her in to add some spice to it all!

  7. Dang – it’s a real toss-up here. EVERYONE bears amazing resemblances to their respective four-legged or winged family members. I wanna vote for them all!!!

  8. Bruce holds his hand up because he thinks he’s so smart he knows all the answers.

  9. Well, I voted and I must say her dog looks very much like her and she is already in the lead!

    Mia and her goat, Woodie, do have a similarity but she is a celebrity and probably gets all those fancy schmancy gift bags all the time so I voted for a real person….LOL

  10. OMG how funny! I want everyone to win. I’m laughing out loud here at work and now everyone is waiting for me to forward them something.

  11. I’m I actually a pink marshmallow?

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