And the winner is…

September 15, 2008

Well folks the results are in, and the winner is clear!!  And it was a tight race I say!

The winner of the Pet Look Alike contest is…………..

Bholles and.....

.....doggie Mia!!

Bholles and Doggie Mia!!!!  Congrats congrats!!

Mom will get herself a prize package that will include a certificate for her wall, an award button for her blog that she doesn’t create entries for, and a special treat for her and her….pet!  And now she can brag that not only does she look like Mia Farrow, but she looks just like a grimacing black lab!

Runner up for the contest, with just ONE less vote than bholles, is….

Hissantell's "J" and Cockatiel Scrawn!!

The lovely Miss Hiss‘s Husband “J” and their Cockatoo Scrawn!!!  Congrats to you!!

I must say, I was a tad worried J and Scrawn wouldn’t have a fair shot as the photo I received was so much smaller.  I tried to make it bigger but it only came out fuzzy wuzzy.  So it’s good to see yet again that size does NOT matter!!

As runner up, Hiss and J will also get a certificate that they can hang on their wall.  Certificates will be emailed in pdf format, so you can pass it on to family and friends and brag that your hubby looks just like your bird.  And such a handsome cockatoo that Scrawn is too!  Again, being that Scrawn is the smallest pet entered and did so well with the voting, it is proof that size is not an issue!  (Hiss, if you have another copy of that photo that’s larger, send it off as it will make for a better certificate for you!)

To everyone else who entered and voted, thanks so much.  I had fun doing this, and hope you all had a couple of laughs with it too.  If you’d like to see the official result page, click HERE and you’ll be redirected!

Lastly, I’d like to share the following blog with you all from Mudflats at wordpress.  She is living in Alaska and is got some great video and facts to show regarding the rally held when Sarah Palin returned home.  What is interesting is this is the ANTI-Palin supporters rally.  All that schmuck about her being ever so popular in her state is really put into perspective!!  Check out her post HERE and read the “Alaska Women Reject Palin” Rally entry!

And now, it’s time to walk the doggies.  Hope everyone has a great Monday!



  1. I wasn’t surprised to read that “Mom” and her dog won the contest. I am sure she is thrilled!

  2. Yay! How exciting! He’ll be thrilled! Sorry about the tiny photo — I just took it straight from J’s website because we are SO FUCKING BUSY here at the moment and I couldn’t find the original during a cursory search on my own computer. I’ll try to find a larger image today or tomorrow and get it to you. Love, R xxx

  3. She hasn’t called me yet to complain! Whazzup with that????

  4. I read the PALIN PROTEST. Good! I was thinking that everyone in Alaska must be stoopid, but there seems to be some intelligent life there. Do you ever read HORENDILE? He has a really FUNNY video at his site. Here’s the link. http://members.diaryland.com/edit/view.phtml?user=horvendile

  5. HAHAHA your mom certainly deserved to win!!! I love the photos. Great job, Shippie!

  6. YAY for your mom!!!

  7. Woohoo! All of the photos were wonderful, I have to admit. But it was the Mia Farrow smile that did it 😉

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