Leaves, cooked birds and pretty faces…or not

October 12, 2008

I’m watching my childhood friends battle it out on the tv with the Detroit Lions, so I’m not sure how long this entry will take me!  Go Vikings!!

The leaves are changing colour.  I look out on my balcony and see about 14 trees right now in the courtyard that are a blazing red hue.  There are a bunch that are a deep maroon colour, with even more turning yellow.  Many are still green and rebelling against their demise.  The air is getting cooler and at night it is downright crisp!  When walking with the dogs I take comfort as I hear the light rustle of leaves travelling along the pavement, and the smell of dried leaves puts a smile on my face.  I so love this time of year!

Being nestled on a big hill in a city that is nicknamed “The Forest City” for all it’s trees, I can’t wait to see the stage around me change over the next few weeks.  I have a view of hundreds of trees just from my windows alone, not to mention all of the trees that surround the walking paths in the woods around this property.  I must take the camera with me when walking the dogs.  Every time I’m out there I say that to myself.  Perhaps one of these times I’ll remember??

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here, so I’ll be making my down home favourites to contribute to the feast taking place at MIL’s house tomorrow.  Tis so funny to me that they have never had corn pudding or green bean hot dish with the Durkee onions in them!!  Those two dishes alone were a staple at our dinners for years.   They do turnips here….ishy.  Never did like those much.

We have a friend who is also from the states, so lucky me will get to have two Thanksgiving dinners again this year!  We’ll be having him over for the stateside Thanksgiving next month, and I’ll get to have even more of my favourite dishes!  Yee ha!  And given that we will making the turkey, I’ll get to take the carcass and make my awesome soup.  Nummers!  I’m sure I’ll be able to con the MIL out of tomorrows set of turkey bones too, so I will be set!

I make an amazing apple crisp that we’re going to bring along also.  Now, since I’m a freakazoid about nummy cranberries, I’m contemplating making the apple crisp with cranberries mixed in.  (And NO, not that crap from a can!  Ishy number two!)  I’m not sure how the cranberries will fare with the taste of cinnamon though, so I’m a little on the fence.  Any of you bakers out there have an opinion on this, feel free to let me know!

I’m now officially on the immigrations website, and can check my status online.  Things are moving forward!!  I finally exist!  I can’t tell you how tears actually came out of my eyes when I looked myself up for the umpteenth time and finally saw my name pop up with my case number!!!  It’s still a waiting game….but at least I know they are doing something finally.

I can’t wait until I can get my paperwork.  Then I can go and get my OHIP card.  (this is whats needed so I can go to the doctor for free! Yea universal health care!)  I can then go and get my Canadian drivers license.  I can, most importantly, start applying for jobs!!  I will start to feel like I’m actually living here with being able to get my license, instead of feeling like an outsider.  “An Oregon drivers license??  Oh, you aren’t Canadian?”  Sigh.  How many times in our life do we end up in situations that are reminiscent of being in Jr. High and not feeling you belong??

Yeah!  Minnesota just scored two points!

And now for a Kel blooper that made me laugh up a storm a couple of weeks ago, and has made Kel get all frustrated with each time that I remind her of it.  We were walking somewhere and joking around about some dumb thing that I of course can’t recall.  She TRIED to make that old stand-by cliche “well, you’re not just another pretty face” but didn’t get it out quite right.  Instead, she told me “well, your just not another pretty face!”  Yes, read that again.  The meaning was TOTALLY changed, eh?  Folks, according to Kel, I’m just not another pretty face!  I’m just not!!

I will never let her live this one down.  Poor thing!



  1. I can only imagine how it feels to live in another country and be a “non person” of sorts. It would make me crazy, that’s for sure! I’m glad you’ve got Kel, though – slip of the lip or not LOL.

  2. Oh, and I LOVE Thanksgiving food. And cranberry-apple stuff is heavenly, cinnamon and all. I don’t even like cranberries by themselves, but put ’em in something with apples and I’m all OVER the goodies!

  3. I agree, in fact, I think it is Healthy choice that has an apple/cranberry/cinnamon crisp that is to die for. Yeah, frozen food that I actually LIKE! And lucky you! TWO Thanksgivings! And yay for green bean casserole! I actually fry up my own onions. If you slice them, separate them, dip them in cream, then dunk them in seasoned flour; toss them in a little hot oil to fry up, they are quite nummy!

    I started doing that when I forgot to buy them one Thanksgiving, and continued when I couldn’t afford to pay $3-4 bucks a can!

  4. YES to cinnamon and cranberries!!! In Alaska, they have Low bush Cranberries (which are tiny and SO tart….just wonderful) and also High bush cranberries. Not as tart but yummy. Every year I used to make Cran-Apple Butter with the High Bush and lots of cinnamon. Yummers! Go for it, girl. It’ll be great! In fact, maybe try Craisins in your Apple Crisp. That sounds good……I must make some this week and try it out.

  5. ABSOLUTELY put cranberries in! I make a delicous Orange Cranberry Bread and I add nuts & cinnamon! (and a few other spices)

    Sounds like you’re going to have a lovely Thanksgiving with lots of yummy food!

  6. Cranberries rule, Pretty Face!

  7. YAY for finally getting somewhere on your paperwork! I know you will feel much better once you get everything straightened out.

    It’s getting to be cranberry season here, and Kurt is SO EXCITED. We’ll get a bag of cranberries from the store, and Kurt will chuck a handful into his glass of juice. It’s his absolute favorite thing. He’s been waiting to get fresh cranberries since last fall!

  8. I love cranberry-apple cobbler at Thanksgiving. I’ll have to try that recipe with the craisins that YC mentioned.

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