At least that’s what she told herself

November 10, 2008

First off the bat, check out this damn cute pair of shoes I got.  And soooo cheapie cheapie too!  I’m just so excited as I love the ‘ol Vans style shoe ever since they came out when I was a sophomore in high school.  Those blue and white checks….oh I love ’em!

I have a feeling I know ONE person who will be jealous of these!!

I have a feeling I know ONE person who will be jealous of these!!

I just keep giggling when I wear them ‘cuz they are so spankin’ cute!  And what is REALLY WEIRD is a small factor in the colour.  I am NOT someone who likes pink.  No pink on anything in my life.  I don’t even like pink underwear an no one even sees those.  But….the little checked lines on these shoes?  Yep.  Pink.  Pink, pink, pink and I don’t care.  I love them!

Now for a story.  A wonderful young woman (yes, almost 40 is still young by far!) that I know had a bit of an experience in learning yet again not to let dental issues go untreated.

Over two years ago this faboo woman had been experiencing awful pain on the left side of her mouth when biting down.  This was followed by the experience of the molar breaking in half and her having little bits of tooth remnants swishing in her mouth.  Now after the pain of this subsided, she actually felt the most relief and least amount of pain in a long time.  This was the reasoning behind not getting it treated right away.  (At least that’s what she told herself.)  Then, given the fact that she found she did not have as good of dental coverage as she thought she did, she opted to postpone the ordered root canal and cap work as she didn’t have an extra $1200 laying around on her bedside table.  “It will be fine for a bit until I can scrounge up some extra dough, and it feels ok now.  It’s just harder to chew on half of a molar.”  (At least that’s what she told herself.)

Time passed.  Days fell on top of one another and months flew through the window quickly.  Occasionally there would be pain in that area and the jaw, but it would pass after a few days so she didn’t worry or jump to get this thing fixed.  As long as there isn’t any major pain, no need to worry right?  (At least that’s what she told herself.)

The past few months the pain has been increasing, and throbbing across the top and bottom rows of teeth.  Anbasol and Advil were becoming frequent party friends of these sweet, dear woman.  However, the party ended.

Couple weeks ago, she had had enough.  The pain was to the point of ice packs to the face, more advil, and rocking back and forth on the bed like a baby, all of which started to have no affect at all.  A call to an emergency dentist was finally insisted by this woman’s spouse who was now putting her foot down against the tough gal routine.

She hates dentists now.  She loves dentists.  She hates dentists.  (Ok, she hasn’t made up her mind yet)  She went into the dentist who poked and prodded, x-ray’d and delivered the news.  Massive infection necessitating a week of antibiotics and stage one of the root canal in a few days after the infection has subsided some.  Fine.  Her fun is over and she throws up the white flag.

Last Friday she went back to the dentist, and got shot up with a good needle of numb numb juice in the jaw.  Few minutes later….nothing.  No numb numb.  Dentist lady came after her with a second syringe of numb numb juice to the jaw.  Wait.  Nothing.  Wait some more.  Nothing.  Wait.  Ok, a little tingling of the lip.  Wait.  Not much happening.  Dentist lady says she is very hard to numb up (oh really??) and brings the third syringe to the jaw.  Wait.  Nothing new.  Wait.  Hmmm, her tongue is now feeling the size of a Beluga Whale.  Things are good!  Wait.  Yep, now her chin feels odd, odd odd.  TIme to get started!

Not a fun experience.  After some drilling, suctioning, rinsing, drilling and more suctioning, the woman lifted off the chair.  Face is numb numb, but she’s feeling sharp ass pains down her jaw.  Wait.  Try again.  Same thing.  Wait.  Console.  Comfort.  “If I can just get the canal open, I can inject some numb numb juice directly on the nerve, and we’re almost there.  Want to try again??”  Ok, she says.  Let’s go for it.  Ummmm…..nope.  Not going to happen.

Dentist lady doesn’t want to give up, but feels the infection is still too bad which prevents the nerve from properly freezing.  She may need to come back.  She does however want to try one other technique before flying her white flag, so she asks this very cooperative and funny patient if she’d mind waiting an hour so she can treat another patient who has been waiting for their appointment.  Fine.  No problem.  Whatever.  I just want this done.  (At least that’s what she told herself.)

This started at 9 AM.  It’s now 10:30 AM.  At 11:15 the dentist lady is back and has one more needle (yes folks, a total of 4) and dives back into the jaw.  Wait.  Whoa.  Now her entire face is numb and tingly as is half  her head down past her chin.  She feels nada!  “Nerve block” or something she was told, but she could care less what it’s called.  Just git’ ‘er done!

Drilling starts….ZAP!!  Uh uh.  Nope.  Not happening.  Pain, pain and more pain.  Clearly the infection was so nasty the nerves are just not going to freeze.  Dentist lady pokes, taps, freeze-tests and concedes for the day.  She is going to have to come back in a week and needs to take another week of antibiotics to kick this infection in the butt.  But it isn’t over!  Dentist lady then says that she wants to try and deal with the tooth next door that also has a very large cavity and may be contributing to the pain she’d been experiencing for such a long while.  Dentist lady asks if she is ok with staying, and of course she says yes and tells her to go for it.  Let’s just get this all done with.  (At least that’s what she told herself.)

The drilling begins….and all is good and fine!!  She can’t feel a thing on this tooth!  Woo hooo!!!  Drill baby drill!  La dee dah….and then…ZAP!!  Zee yowwie!  Oh, but dentist lady says she is SO close to opening the canal, can you get thru??  Cavity is all the way to nerve and ANOTHER root canal is needed.  Ok fine, just do it.  She knows she’s tough and can handle one little bit more of pain dosed out.  Drill, drill drill….zing!!  But the canal is open and out comes the next syringe….right into the nerve of the tooth directly.  La dee dah.

Phase 1 of root canal of tooth #2 is complete.  Temporary filling put in place.  Temporary filling of tooth #1 is complete.  (the plaster kind)  Prior to closing up the teeth she injected good medicine in the tooth to aide with the infection.  She did not give any pain meds.  NONE.  She told her the first day she was there that due to a condition this lovely patient was dealing with on her liver, she can’t issue narcotics; especially given that there isn’t a diagnosis yet.  UGH!  Poor gal has no pain meds to aide her.  “Oh, that’s understandable.  I’ll get through it ok.”  (At least that’s what she told herself.)

Dentist lady is worried she will have a lot of pain, especially with tooth #1.  She is quite concerned, enough to give out her cell phone number so that a call could be placed if the pain gets real bad.  Wow.  What dentist gives out their cell number?  Appointments set.  Monies paid.  She leaves.  It is now 1 PM.  She has been in that chair for four hours.

She gets home, and is already having pain despite 4 numb numb injections, extra injections directly into the tooth nerve…ugh.  She grabs her ice packs.  She takes extra Ibuprofen.  She goes to have a smoke and even that hurts.  She lays down.  She feels the pain worsening, but just assumes it’s part of the experience and it’s normal.  It’s getting worse.  Ice pack isn’t doing anything.  Aha!  She remembers she has some Oxycontin in the medicine cabinet and goes and takes half of a dose.  She could care less at this point that she MAYBE shouldn’t be taking pain meds because she can’t deal with the pain.  Tick tock, tick tock, this sucks.

Spouse comes home, and finds her a mess.  Phone rings at about 4 PM, and who is it?  The dentist office!  Dentist lady herself is calling to check how things are going.  She tells her the pain is really bad and things are sucky.  The oxy didn’t touch the pain.  Dentist lady tells her their office closes at 4 PM, but she needs to come back in and they will wait for her.  Wow.  Ok.  Please help me!  (Now this is what she is telling everyone and herself!)

Back in the dentist chair.  Tap tap tap.  Zing!  Zowie!  Yep.  Do not touch that tooth it hurts like a bitch.  Dentist lady says the temporary filling has to come out as it’s creating too much pressure.  Out comes needle #5 as of course to do any drilling one needs numb numb juice!  Wait.  Wait.  Again, nerve block.  Entire half of my head and face is numb numb.  Ok, let’s proceed!!  Drill, baby drill!

Drill, drill….drill some more.  No pain.  Things are good.  Temp filling is out.  Any pain?  No.  Tap tap.  Freeze test.  Any pain?  Nope!  None!  Ok…well….then lets just try and see if we can get this tooth canal open?  Oh god.  Ok, why not.  Drill drill.  No pain!  Woo hoo!  Drill drill, scrape scrape, rinse, suction, drill, scrape…and voila!  The nerve has been removed from one of the canals on tooth #1!!  Weee haaa!!  They did it!!  This time, tooth #1 is injected with medicine and then packed only with gauze rather than the temporary filling.  It’s left open.  No pressure, and things can ooze out as they need to.  Ahhhhh.  Ok, she can deal with this.  (At least that’s what she tells herself.)  Appointment is made for Monday morning to remove packing from tooth #1, inject more medicine, and repack with gauze.  Appointment is made for Thursday to complete phase 2 of the root canal on tooth #2, and complete phase 1 on the other two roots of tooth #1.  All is good.  It is now 6 PM.  Another hour and a half with her jaw open.

She goes home.  Hours pass.  There is discomfort, but nothing that one wouldn’t expect after having all that work done.  She eats soft food.  She hasn’t yet reached for the ice packs or even contemplated the Oxycontin in the medicine chest.  The weekend passes….and the worst pain she has is the discomfort of opening her mouth as her jaw is so sore from all of those injections.  It is Monday, and she is gearing up for her next appointment in a couple of hours.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh…….relief.  She is SO incredibly grateful to this amazing dentist who cared enough to give out her cell phone, call to check on her, and hold the office open for and extra two hours on a Friday night.  That is service!

So my friends, this story is shared not to gain sympathy, but rather in hopes that you learn from my bullheaded mistakes in judgement.  Do NOT wait on tooth matters.  Get them fixed.  Rob a bank if you have to pay for it.

Do NOT pull such a boneheaded series of judgements as I did this woman did.  It is just not worth it.  Get those toofers looked at and cared for.  Don’t wait until the numb numb juice can’t even do its job!

Here’s to healthy teefers!!



  1. i gave up on “root canals” years ago, they are a waste of time and money as eventually, the teef will fall out! so, when i went to the dentist and they say, “root canal” i say, no, heres 90 bux just yank it!! and out it goes, no fuss no muss!! now, i have learned thru the power of the innernet how to pull my own teef, and thereby saving 90 bux! i have pulled out 5 uppers and got one more to go, and it will be gone any day now, theres no fuss, no muss, and no blood, no infections, when its ready i just grab hold and yank!! and it comes out nice and clean!! as soon as i can get this one last holdout out, im off to get me some polident style uppers!! yay!!

  2. Well, dear, I truly hope you do NOT take Art’s advice. I applaud you for getting your butt to the dentist in what appears to be the nick of time. I have already spanked you for waiting, so I won’t do that again. About YC’s stats tracker. I have the same one. It’s sitemeter. It’s great. Who came on, where they landed, how long they stayed. You even get the referring link. I have the same meter on my site. Open my page, click the meter, and see how it works. My meter is open, but you can lock it if you wish. Anyone can see who reads me. Now, take care of your mouth! Gargle with warm salt water!

  3. And yes, I am SOOOO jealous of those shoes! Give them to me!

    In response to that request Poolie…than answer is simple. No! I am not my mother. You can’t bully me out of my shoes!! Your loving niece, Shippie. Mwah!

  4. I’ve been avoiding this same issue with one of my molars, it’s at a point that I believe it can still be saved, but I simply don’t have the money to even go to Naco to have it taken care of. *Sigh* At least it doesn’t hurt…yet.

  5. Oh, and regarding your e-mail, if you go here, you can see who I’ve been talking about. He’s already gone back home…*sigh*.


  6. ouch!!!! Oh, ow, ow, ow! My husband had an experience where his face suddenly swelled up one day. We got him to a dentist who said his entire jaw was infected and had to have all his teeth pulled at one time once the infection was more under control…. Glad you didn’t wait any longer….you might have had to be hospitalized!

  7. oh honey.. i am TERRIBLy sorry that you were suffering. i agree that we should not hesitate to take care of our teeth. i really hope all turns out well for you. i am really glad though that you didn’t have any permenent damage!!

    BIG BIG hugs!

    ps– and the shoes are quite adorable!

  8. OMG!!! I have had some horrific dental experiences, but nothing quite like this!! I am so sorry you have had to suffer through all this and hope all heals up nicely! And do what ever it takes to save every tooth in your head, especially if you have such a great dentist, Love! **hugs**

  9. Root canals suck, I’ve had a couple extractions and a couple root canals, with some more in my future. Yes boys and girls soda really is that bad for your mouth, just look how rich I am making my dentist. Hope you, er she is feeling better soon.

  10. Owwww!!! Oh, Shippie, I am so sorry you had this experience!! It must have been really awful. Many hugs to you, my friend. And those shoes are AWESOME.

  11. Squeeeeeee for the shoes! Glad you took care of your teef. A nasty infection that close to the brain scares the shit out of me. Seriously.

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