Shank-ya and progress

November 12, 2008

Well thank you, thank you, thank you for all the well wishes of the lovely tooth experience I had my friend had!  So nice to hear, and thanks again.  As for the comment of root canal’s not working and the teeth just falling out anyway-that has not been my experience.  I’ve had a few in the past and I’ve never had an issue, and am grateful to keep my teeth.  When I had orthodontia years ago they had to pull four of my teeth to make room, so I don’t want to lose any more of my precious teeth.  As for the comment of pulling my own teeth out of my head??  I am taking that entire response as an attempt at humour.  Yikes.

As to  those shoes, they are donning my feet as often as I can get the chance, and I just keep looking down at them and get a big smile on my face.  Me in pink.  Who’da thunk it?

The other day of the Great Toof Fiasco went well.  All I had to do was go in and she took the gauze packing out of the really bad tooth, irrigated it, and put in the plaster temporary filling.  Friday we start phase 2 of the root canal of the other tooth, and next week that one will be complete.  The other day was a ‘non-numb numb juice’ day however, so it wasn’t all that pleasant.  But, after a few hours the throbbing subsided and all was good.  Thank god, as this time that nasty tooth said ‘ok, you can put that thing on me and I won’t get nasty.”  Whew.

We got paint finally and are going to start putting our decorative touches on this place.  We’ve only been here since last April.  You think it’s about time??  Yeah, so do I.  There’s nothing like that good ‘ol Institutional White paint that you get when you rent an apartment.  Gag.  We’ve had paint swatches taped to the wall for the last few months, and finally got the paint.  We’re just starting with the living room and hall, and then we’ll see if we want to continue.  When you rent, you always run the risk of having to paint everything back to white before you leave unless the new tenants like you colour choice.  Given that, we don’t want to necessarily paint everything as that would be a royal pain in the arse!  I do think the colour we chose will be desirable to whomever comes in after us, but you just never know!

An update on the ol imimigration stuff- I spoke with someone last week who confirmed that indeed my background check is now in process.  She gave me the same, stock answer of 4-6 months for the time frame of course, as I swear they are programmed to say that on every call.  She did however hint at the fact that it is possible a decision may be made in the next 4-6 weeks!  Oh that would be good!!  She didn’t exactly SAY it, ‘cuz she can’t, but I can read between the lines.

Once a decision has been made, I can call and request a letter stating I am in process and that my medical has passed.  Then I can take that letter to the OHIP office (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) and get coverage!  I guess once I submit that letter to the office, I will walk out in a matter of 30 minutes with insurance.  This is good, as I’m waiting on an MRI that I need to have, and if I have OHIP it will save me the $1,100 it will cost me without the OHIP.

Then she told me that once a decision has been made and I get my permanent resident status, I THEN have to apply for a work permit.  WHAT??  This whole thing is so damn confusing.  I thought that huge packet of paperwork we sent in was part of the work permit process, but nooooooo.  I guess I can’t even START that paperwork until I have my permanent resident status in place.  UGH!!  Supposedly though, that paperwork isn’t as intensive and won’t take long at all to pass through.  We shall see.

So, with that, it’s time to get off my tush and start taping the wall so I can start painting.  Wootness!



  1. well, i have to remember that what is good for the goose aint necessarily good for the gander!!! root canals NEVER worked for me, and self teef pullin aint for everybuddy!!! all in all, im happy that you are getting your teef took care of!

  2. I’ve just recently finished painting. The taping is the hardest. Oh scratch that. The hardest part is looking at the WTF bright blue paint in our pantry that the husband picked out.

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