Slosh and trudge

November 15, 2008


4 weeks ago we god DUMPED on with a snowstorm that was just nasty.  Good 6 inches of the really heavy and wet stuff, and broken tree limbs were down everywhere making driving thru the city a headache.  But a few days later all had melted and all was fine.  Winter was teasing us and it wasn’t really here yet.

But MOTHER today!  It has looked like a damn blizzard all day today!  But ohhhhhh sooooo pretty!!  BIG and FLUFFY pretty snowflakes.

But damn, what a mess.  It’s that heavy wet snow again.  5 or 6 inches again.  The stuff was hurting as it hit my face while walking out of Canadian Tire.  We christened the snow brush.

All I can say…is thank goodness for underground parking this year.   No more shoveling.  Our car comes in to the parking garage packed in snow, but tomorrow morning it will all have melted away.  Sigh.  Joy joy.

Winter is officially here.  They are predicting that the snow is going to start again on Wednesday and not stop until Saturday morning.  So glad I’ve got new boots!  So sad for Ipo, as she hates her boots and refuses to wear them.  Her poor paws freeze oh so quickly.  Given she is such a princess already…..oh she hates the snow.

As for the painting project, it has come to a bit of a halt.  We got the right colour as it matched the swatch perfectly, but damn!  It looked so….rosey mauvey pinkey yuckey!  Ugh!   So we took them back and had them add some colour to remove some of the red tint….and we’re ready to go again.  We’ll see how tomorrow goes when I start painting again.

We’ll see how much I paint once I determine if I can get the Vikings on tv this week or not!



  1. It’s almost 90 degrees here. Loving it!

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