A trip to the vet

November 18, 2008

I heard a wonderful quote today by Whoopi Goldberg.  ‘Tis a good one for all of those that have issue with gays being given the right to marry.

“If you’re uncomfortable with gay marriage, then don’t marry a gay person!”

Sweet and to the point.  My question to straight people who have issues with this is always simple.  “Why do YOU want to get married?  or What were your reasons for marrying your husband/wife?  The answers are sometimes varied, but bottom line it’s the same.  And you know?  It’s the same exact thing with us gay folk!

On to other stuff as I don’t feel like climbing up on the soap box today.  Just got back from the vet with Cleo the Clydesdale.  (Yes, sometimes when she prances about she looks like an 80 pound Clyde.  I think she was one in a former life.)  Cleo the Clydesdale had a bit of an owie the other day due to her dewclaw getting caught on something while romping around in the bush.  Poor thing.  Seeing a big pooch like her holding her front paw out in pain is just heartbreaking.

So today we brought her in to have the pro’s try and hold her down to clip all of her nails.  She is 80 pounds of whining, squirming power when her nails get clipped.  SO not an easy task!  I feel like I need to have a full set of football equipment, leather tie-down straps, and five people to accomplish this seemingly simple task.  It’s not worth it.  Pay the pro’s!

She was a good girl, and seems to be feeling much better.  She actually was getting much better yesterday, enough to still allow her to monkey her way up on to the bed with no pain.  She suckered Kelly with her whining to get up I guess, and unfortunately that makes me the bad guy when I come in later to crawl into bed as I have to kick her out.  There just is not enough room for the three of us up there to sleep through the night.  The only one who ends up being comfortable is Cleo!

Anyway. I sat patiently and quietly in the waiting room with Kel as we eavesdropped on this other customer give a play by play history of her dog, why she was going to the cottage today, why her husband was uncertain at adopting this ‘mature’ dog as her she’d given birth so many times in the puppy mill that her teets were very pronounced, and on and on.  I didn’t think that woman would ever leave.  Great that she rescued an adult dog from a puppy mill though, gotta love her for that.  But damn, I was afraid I was going to know the colour of her underwear by the time our visit was complete at the rate she was going!

I’m sitting there quietly, and notice something to the right of me.  Holy shit Batman!  This MONGO cat walked past me from the back exam room.  I mean MONGO!  Scared the crap out of me.  This cat easily weighed 20 pounds….easily!  Being that I’m allergic to cats this gives a green light of attraction for all cats to come my way.  This guy looked up at me with his little pea-sized, too small for his body, head.  Oh so cute.  Then he plodded his way to the chair immediately next to me and I’ll be dammed he was able to jump right up on it.  By the time he actually layed down on the chair, his body took up the ENTIRE seat of the chair.  He just spilled out if you will.  I have never seen a cat this huge before!

And then it hit me.  He is one of the two clinic cats.  He’s there all of the time, along with a little black-haired, teeny little fella that has partially paralyzed hind legs.  They are both rescue cats I guess and have been a part of my vet’s family for some time now.  Ahem.  Some time now.

A few months back WE got in TROUBLE as both Ipo and Cleo were overweight.  WE got in trouble!!  Cleo had been living with the in-laws for quite awhile and got way too spoiled, so we knew we had some work to do on her.  Ipo?  I just don’t get why she’s so chunky.  She’s only a pound or two overweight, but on a little dog that is a lot of weight.  We’ve had them both on diets since we moved into the new place, and Cleo has dropped her excess 11 or 12 pounds with a smile on her face.  Ipo’s food and biscuit intake was adjusted, but she just stays chunky!  She’s even been on the vet’s weight loss food diet.  I don’t get it.

Regardless.  The POINT is…..why are raking me over the coals about my dogs being beefy when YOU have a COW for a cat??!!!  HOLY!!  This cat SERIOUSLY needs to lose some weight!  Yes, it’s cute and he’s adorable, but his head does not match his body so I know he isn’t one of those Mancoon cats that are known to be huge.  Hey Mr. Vet Man!!  Take your own advice!!  Holy.

Speaking of cats.  Check out this video….you just must!  This is the cat Kelly wants us to get.  What do you think??

Hmmmmm…….I’d be afraid Ipo would be a snack to this guy!  They jump 7 feet!  No.  Kelly, I love you, but…but….but….



  1. Man, that’s one big cat! Cats all seem to know who doesn’t want them around, and then they congregate around that person….

  2. “If you’re uncomfortable with gay marriage, then don’t marry a gay person!” OH THAT IS AWESOME! I’m going to use that, with proper attribution, of course.

    That’s insane that your vet is all on your case because Ipo’s chubby, yet her (his?) own cat is enormous. One of our vets told me to put Koolit on a diet because he was 19 pounds when he should be 18, but he’s got no fat on him anywhere. When he’s shaved, you can see how trim he is, so I got really irritated. A friend of mine has an ENORMOUS cat — probably the same size as Koolit! It’s amazing how big they can get.

  3. Yay for Whoopi! What a cool thing to say!

  4. Great Wall Chinese Food is in a little mini mall at the corner of Texas St and University Ave…. it’s not big, not busy, but good food!

  5. I can just see Cleo acting like that! How funny! And isn’t it amazing how much bed those critters can take?

  6. I’d love one, except that I’m afraid that it would eat my other cats, and that I’d REALLY be known as the crazy cat lady of Tombstone!

  7. Holy moley, that’s not a cat, it’s a TIGER!!!

  8. I want one

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