November 19, 2008

“Now I know why some species eat their young.” Adam Chandler, All My Children

Ahhhhh!  Now I know exactly what to say when a moronic boob does something stupid in front of me!  Oh I can’t wait!

And congrats to Blue Opal for being the only one who really seemed alarmed at the cat video I posted on the last entry.  Yes, not your every day cat!  I can only assume either all of you know all about these monster sized cats already, or you didn’t have time to watch the video to truly appreciate the size of it.  If it’s the latter, please revisit the last entry as they really are amazing!

I canceled my dental appointment today.  I just wasn’t in the mood for all of that again.  My last appointment I was supposed to have the root canal done on the second tooth, but they weren’t able to complete it.  Yet again, they couldn’t get me numb enough.  Those darn knarly nerves of mine just won’t lay down and die!  And you see, in order for all of us to realize this simple fact, I have to be put in pain first and damn near jump out of my seat.  I don’t like it.  Honestly, I’d rather have a knife go into my leg rather than that wee little nerve get poked with a sharp piece of metal.  It’s those little things that hurt so much more!

So I canceled.  I just wasn’t up to it.  Two more hours of ‘oh my god is that nerve numb or not’ just wasn’t appealing to me this morning.  I’ll call tomorrow and reschedule.  Lordy.  I have another tooth to go through this with once this fooker is completed.  Ugh.

We have snow on the ground, but I am very disappointed.  I’d heard a whopper storm was going to arrive, and we’d have non-stop snow starting today and ending sometime Friday night/Saturday morning.  All we’ve gotten is a light dusting, much like the dusting you’d find on a table of a coke house.  SIgh.  I want to see white, white, white!  I want mounds of it!

Of course that sets me up to be pissed at the little kids in the neighborhood.  I hate it so much when kids do what kids do and play in the snow.  I know what you’re thinking.  What a bitch, right?  Well, that’s me.

It’s not that I don’t think kids should play and have fun in the snow.  They should!  I do!  I just think certain areas should be off limits because all those footprints make for an ugly postcard picture.  Not that I want to take a picture for a postcard mind you, but I do like to look out my window and see clean, untainted, untromped on, undisturbed snow!  Just like after a killer snowstorm…it’s just so damn pretty!  That huge blanket of white covering everything makes me feel so, oh I don’t know, nostalgic?  The courtyard outside our balcony is huge and jam packed with trees and a few rolling hills.  It’s gorgeous just after a snow!

I want to see that ‘just snowed’ look every time I look out our windows or walk on to the balcony to have a smoke while freezing my ta-ta’s off.  I don’t want to look at a bunch of snow with sled marks and little footprints strewn about.  That’s all I want!!!  Maybe I’ll start throwing water balloons each time I see someone trying to have fun down there.  Gar!!

It was great when I was still living in Minnesota, as the house I lived at was in a relatively mature neighborhood.  There weren’t kids cutting through our lawn or making a mess out of it while standing at the bus stop.  I loved it!!  We let the dogs out the back patio door and they did all their frolicking back there, leaving my front lawn pristine and perfect.  Sigh.  Those were the days.

Perhaps I’m better off if it doesn’t snow after all.



  1. “much like the dusting you’d find on a table of a coke house.”

    And with that, my own (Diet) coke came out through ye olde nose. Thank you.

  2. I wasn’t too surprised to see a video of a serval, they aren’t too common, but they are out there. Actually, I’d love to have a serval myself, but I can imagine the vet bills and grocery bill would be phenomenal! And I would still be afraid of it eating the others!

  3. what exactly are ta-tas and what are the implications of freezing them off?

    And you can keep your snow (pristine or otherwise). All that coldness. BRRR

  4. ok for fellow readers….Ta-Ta’s are nipples!! And I’m sure the implication of freezing them off is obvious, eh?

  5. Hey, snow isn’t SNOW until it’s fulla children’s foot tracks and sled runner tracks!

  6. You can have my snow. I gladly donate it to you.

  7. You should just have them knock you out and fix everything while you are asleep. I hate the dentist. I hate when they poke you with metal and act surprised when you scream in pain. Idiots.

  8. you’re not the only one who relishes in seeing virgin snow. and i don’t even live where we get that kind of precipitation! sorry to hear about your dental nightmares. ~hugs~

  9. I always wonder about that single set of footprints that goes across the yard and into the woods. Why didn’t that person ever come back OUT? So, either a bunch of footprints or none. No more of the mystery trail for me! ~LA

  10. I’m totally with you on loving the pristine snow. I don’t mind the backyard getting all ragged with footprints, but I like to keep the front yard looking as pristine as possible. What really sucks is kids love to walk through the snow in my front yard on their way to school!! Apparently it’s impossible for a kid to leave a yard untouched by human footprints for more than thirty seconds. Sheesh.

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