Stayin’ Alive!

November 24, 2008

Mom didn’t kill me.  I’m still here.

Closing bits from my phone conversation with Mom yesterday:

Shippie“So Mom?  Do you forgive me for my Neil Diamond entry?”

(exaggerated pause)

Mom: “No.”

Shippie: “Ok then!  Love you.”

Mom: “Love you too.  Bye.”

Shippie: “Bye”

Now, while she didn’t SAY I am written out of the will, I think it’s pretty clear that if I pull another ‘Let’s make fun of Neil baby” entry out of my hat, I will see nothing.

Those 1950’s Pyrex multi-colored mixing bowls,pyrexuseprimary1e1

……and the Pyrex casserole dishes from the same era…… pyrexcasserol1e

…will no doubt be given to my older brother if I’m not careful.  And trust me, I LOVE these bowls!  I can’t believe she still has them.  Tuna macaroni salad just never tastes the same as it did when it was made in the green mixing bowl!

So I promise Mom.  I will not make fun of your boyfriend ever again.  (Or at least not in writing so that you have proof of my insensitivity!)

Anyone watch the music awards last night?  I thought it was a great show!  So much great entertainment.  The good music made me somewhat forget Kenyae West’s stupid acceptance speech.  Dude, if you want to be anywhere in the same calibre of Elvis Presley you need to lose the attitude first.  Sheesh!  And I don’t even like Elvis, so for me to say that in a sense to defend Elvis is pretty amazing.  Personally, I was a lover of Buddy Holly instead.  And I will go to my grave saying HE was in all truth the actual “King of Rock and Roll.”  Had he not been killed so young, this would have been more apparent.  But do your homework and research folks.  Buddy Holly was kickin it up and pushing the envelope of acceptable music long before Elvis.  Ok, so Buddy didn’t groove his hips like Elvis, but he was a genius at making a piece of chewing gum look like a real tooth!  (Hey, that has as much relevance to making music as moving your hips does!)

I thought the show was great though, and I loved that Annie Lennox got the Merit award.  That woman is so incredible wit hall she’s done over the years.  And damn!  She can still sing goose bumps over me and move me to tears.  That performance was incredible!

Some of the awards I didn’t agree with, but what’s new.  Never works that I agree with every award given out.  Can’t imagine it does for anyone!  I’m just glad I was finally able to figure out how to set up the damn surround sound system so that we could blast the speakers during those performances!  Not sure if the neighbors cared for that, but tough titty.

Oh.  In case you haven’t seen it yet, you simply must go check out the puppies!!  My buddy  bluesleepy and I were chatting on line last night and she reminded me of them.  They are SO damn cute.  Be patient and check this live streaming video throughout the day and you will definitely have some giggles, chuckles, ooohs and aaawwwwws.  I promise!  Click HERE to watch the puppy cam!

And thanks to Im2Qt2kr who talked about THIS site because Boxx had talked about….I started to play around myself!  And I present to you…..

IPO IS NOW ON A BILLBOARD!!  Look for her near you!

IPO IS NOW ON A BILLBOARD!! Look for her near you!

And I don’t know how she did it, but



And lastly….and most importantly, PROOF!  Yes PROOF that….

No matter who I look at, Kel is the only woman I ever see!

No matter who I look at, Kel is the only woman I ever see!



  1. Ahhh, those old Pyrex casserole dishes — I collect ’em with the SNOWFLAKES pattern. I trawl eBay and flea markets and garage sales and friends’ cupboards and swoop with delight when I find yet another one I can take home with me to serve up the legendary Rancho Hiss Cauliflower Gratin in. Gotta love snowflakes on ovenware. So … ummmm … random! Love, R xxx

  2. arent computers fun!! it just amazes me that we can do things like this!! i especially love the pic of kel in the eye!! fun! fun!!

    i didnt watch the music awards last night, nor have i watched for many many years, as these “awards” have in my opinion, become a big sham. and i do agree with you that if buddy holly had lived, he would have outshined and out performed Elvis, given the proper management and course!! what really made Elvis was marketing!! yea “col” tom was a sidewinder, but he was a genius at what he did!! before he managed Elvis, who really was not going much of anywhere at the time, and was known only in the deep south, “col” tom parker managed hank snow, and shot him to stardom!! who knows the potential that would have been if buddy holly had lived! i like him also, and its a shame that plane crash had to happen. we can only imagine!

  3. Those bowls (the primary-color set) look like the same model we found in our house when we bought it. Three yellows, one green, two reds, and one blue. MrsPest liked them so well that she hid them from the auctioneer when the estate of the former owner sold off the stuff.

  4. Your Ipo looks just like my Daisy! Yay for little chihuahuas that love us and keep us happy.

  5. my mom had one of those casserole dishes and she, too made tuna salad in it. yum! the photos are just awesome. i really love the one of your eye with Kel at the center. very sweet & sentimental.

  6. Loved your photo. I watched the show and like you, I don’t always agree with the awards but I did enjoy a few of the performances. I was disappointed with Christina Aguilera’s 7 songs in 7 minutes with 7 costume changes. I would rather have heard her since one song completely and the way it is usually performed. Did you notice when Beyonce was doing her song that she and her girls weres even singing during some of the dance routine? Their mouths didn’t even move…. I also thought that Taylor Swift lip-synced the beginning of her song too.

  7. boy, I should have proofread that entry before I hit “submit”….hope you could understand what I was trying to say. ::blush::

  8. Thank you! Thank you! Just HAD to play with the photo site. You’re a doll. ~LA

  9. I love those bowls too! They are faboooo! I missed the awards. I was asleep on the sofa. Go me!

  10. I didn’t see the awards, was probably in transit somewhere. In terms of the pictures, I LOVE them. What a terrific idea!

  11. Those pictures are so cool!!! But the one of Kel takes the prize. You are so romantic…..

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