December 17, 2008

So my beloved Auntie Poolie started something in her blog to challenge her readers.  I am jumping on the train.  The deal is you take your childhood nickname, type it into a google picture search, and post the first picture that comes up.

My nickname was Blabby.  My mother ever so endearingly gave me that one.  I couldn’t keep a secret very well so that moniker was well suited for me.  When I plugged it in to the search, the first picture was protected so I couldn’t post it.  Soooooo, I felt I had the right to look for the next funny one, and this is what it was.   This I guess is me, Blabby:


So there you have it.  Not sure what is so “blabby” about this picture.  Perhaps her nickname is Blabby and she can’t keep her mouth shut either.  Maybe she is about to have a surgical procedure done because she is so blabby.   Perhaps her doctor is extremely blabby and she is growing weary, contemplating throwing something at him.

Anyhoo.  If you have read this then consider yourself tagged to do it next.  And remember, I have a stat tracker!  If you don’t do this little exercise on your next blog entry, I will BLAB ABOUT IT!!



  1. You did it! YAY for Blabby! I think she is singing the “My Ass is Naked in This Here Stupid Gown Blues.” Maybe. Thanks for playing!

  2. LMAO! I would gladly do this but darn it – I don’t have a childhood nickname!!!

  3. I already told at Yankeechick and Poolie’s blogs that I didn’t have a nickname….boo-hoo!

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