Another nickname and challenge me

December 18, 2008

So.  I did the nickname thingie yesterday and it was fun.  I feel sorry for Yankee and Terri as they don’t get the joy of the experience since they did not have childhood nicknames.  I’m not sure who is luckier- me or them.

I decided in their honor I would do a second one.  I had another nickname as a kid because of my bedtime antics.  I used to position myself on my hands and knees with my head close to the wall, and rock back and forth, banging my head against the wall.  It was comforting, what can I say?  Clearly it was comforting or I can’t imagine why I’d do it.  I guess I used to rock myself to sleep that way.  Sometimes, I still to this day find myself rocking to comfort me on night where it’s hard to sleep or if I’m sad.  No, I do not continue the art of whacking my head into the wall while doing this, and I don’t rock on my hands and knees.  Instead I just rock back and forth while laying on my side in bed.  Drives Kel nuts tho, so I try to wait until she’s fast asleep if I really have the urge.

ANYways….the nickname I got for doing that was Hammerhead.  Fitting eh?  And this is the picture I found.  Enjoy!


Handsome fellow isn’t he?  Odd that he appears to have no idea he is a walking toolbelt.

And the last picture has nothing at all to do with this meme.  Any of you fans of the ‘ol christmas movie “A Christmas Story” you will now be jealous of me.  Yes indeed!  Our wonderful friend Christopher presented the following to us for Christmas this year, and I just couldn’t be happier.  It is currently shining bright in the living room!

leg_lamp_standard_45_in_lgHeh heh!  Oh I just know you are so jealous!  And the stockings are actually real net stockings.  They aren’t painted on.  You can pull at them and snap them against the leg!  It is sooooo cool!  And it lights just like the one in the movie.  The lamp only.  The leg only.  Or both lit at the same time.  Faboo faboo faboo!!  Now, just so you know, we have the k size which is about two feet tall.  The full size that was in the movie just wouldn’t be appropriate in our current surroundings.

So that’s it for today.  Not much going on while we wait for the supposed killer snow storm that is heading this way for tonight thru the weekend.  They are telling everyone to stock up as the roads will be bad and not to go out.  They are contemplating not sending the kids to school tomorrow as they don’t want them stuck at the schools all weekend.  Pffffft!   Posh on that.  Bring it on I say, and just challenge me not to drive.  Ha!  We have brand new tires on the car now so just challenge me!



  1. I am so jealous of that leg lamp! GAAAA! And I definitely remember you as a head-banger. You used to wake up the entire house doing that. You were such a little doofus! Still are a doofus. Some things never change, keedo!

  2. OMG YOU HAVE A MAJOR AWARD!! I am hugely envious.

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