AVG8 Beware!!!

December 30, 2008

Just a quickie post today, and it’s more of a PSA.

Many of you are using or have used AVG as your anti virus program.  For the most part, it’s a good program!  I’ve used it for quite a few years, as well as Avast to keep my little puter safe.

However….not the case any longer!  I had purchased the AVG program to get more than the freeware program gives.  My license expires in a couple of weeks, and I was contemplating renewing it.  I also became aware of the fact that AVG had come out with another upgrade, so I of course jumped on it and got it on my computer.  I was now the owner of AVG 8.

Pretty interface.  More bells.  More whistles.  And DEFINITELY more headaches!!

To all of you out there who use AVG do not, and I repeat DO NOT, upgrade to version 8!!!!!!

My computer was running like it had glue in it.  It was SO unbelievably slow I felt as if I was back using dial-up.  I thought I had a virus.  I thought I inadvertently downloaded a bad program.  I didn’t know WHAT was going on.

My memory was in fabulous shape, only using about 30 percent of what is on my hard drive.  My drivers were in great shape.  My caches were empty.  I was beautifully de-fragged.  I could not for the life of me understand why my pages were taking sometimes two minutes to download!

And then it hit me.  Hmmmm.  I just upgraded my AVG to a new version.  So I hunted on the net and sure enough the discussion boards are full of pissed off people who have used AVG 8.  The tech geeks are calling it crap.  Everyone is saying to get rid of it.

So I pass that on to you.  Unless you want to go back to the 1990’s of slow dial-up surfing or worse, and feel as if you have glue in your hard drive, do NOT upgrade your AVG to version 8!  If you have it and you are lagging….I guarantee that AVG8 is the culprit.  My bro in-law had the same problems and I just fixed his computer yesterday.  Uninstall the damn thing and reinstall AVG 7.5.  Or screw it altogether and just use Avast- it is a great program.

That is the end of my rant, and my PSA.

Stay tuned for your regularly scheduled program.



  1. I have Kaspersky, and it’s great. I agree, AVG really slows things down, as bad as McAfee and the virusNorton

  2. I went to Avast a while back and am EXTREMELY glad I did. It’s a faster, lighter program than AVG on all fronts, and for bonus points it looks cooler. 😉

  3. I have used McAfee for 14 years and it hasn’t failed me yet. It’s even better now because Cox gives it free to their customers! Win-win!

  4. I’m an AVG fan, especially the free version. Thanks for the timely warning!

  5. Only two problems with the sweater. 1. It’s $225.00, and 2. It only comes in small and medium…but it IS a great sweater. Check out the back too: http://www.shopjessicalouise.com/piratesweater.html

  6. We’re using ZoneAlarm and McAfee gang-tuned, on top of the nearly-useless Microsoggy Windblows Defenseless, and this ungainly combination seems to be working okay.

  7. Happy New Year! ~LA

  8. We use Norton and I don’t like the one my husband bought…He thinks anything that has more stuff is better and often it is not but…..whatever.

  9. I’ve always used Norton and had good luck with it. The older versions would bog down my system quite often but in recent years it runs alot cleaner in the background.

    Have a Happy New Year, Sweetie!! **smooch**

  10. thanks for the PSA on AVG8. my hubby prefers Trend Micro and it seems to have worked quite well this last year.

  11. Yes I did change my password. I emailed you the new one – if you didn’t get it, please email me so I’m sure I have the right email addy for you!

  12. Eww, well that’s good to know, thanks. As for the broken rib sex thing, you dork, it was definitely K. Heh. Although the public stranger thing sound so much more interesting!

  13. hi there, i’ve been quite happy with the AVG8 per at least one year but in the last week something happened to both of my computers that did slow them SO MUCH. after formating both of them in less than a week and after a ‘funny update’ on avg -i dunno how to describe it since is the first time I saw the program asking for a reboot after an upgrade- suddenly internet was gone again and computers slow, then is when i realized that it had to be AVG.

    after uninstall in safemode -i’ll not trust it evermore- things go smooth as they should.

    the question is WHY?


  14. I use Kaspersky and switched permanently from Norton. I will not recommend anything free except in cases of no money due to budget constraints for my customers.

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