Who Am I?

I am just Shippie, aka Bucket, from “that other” site! I’ve decided to move to a different site as that other site was boring me, and I just needed something fresh in hopes it will help me blog more consistently!

Today I’m a 39 year old female who is married to an amazing woman thanks to the more liberal rules of good old Canada. Yes, that is the where the nickname originated…..I jumped ship….I left the states….I am no longer ruled by Bushisms!

There is no real basis for the content of my blog. I just write whatever is going on in my world at the time regardless of how trivial it may be to some. It’s my blog, so I while I don’t write for the sake of anyone or trying to win a Pulitzer prize, I do at times struggle with writing something that will keep some readers entertained. I think we’re all guilty of that somewhat aren’t we? Regardless, at times you may find something deep, something risque or crass, something altogether funny and outrageous, meaningful or just downright stupid and boring. You just never know!

You can feel free to click on the “who’s Who” link if you’re ever curious as to who the folks are that I may converse about in these meanderings my mind takes.


One comment

  1. You are so sweet, thanks for the note. She is the most wonderful daughter, she was very grateful. I hope our relationship is like this forever. She comes to me for advice about herself and all her friends. It makes me feel so good. I’m sure there is stuff she keeps to herself as well. She is a pretty incredible girl. My Mom wouldn’t and didn’t ever do that for me either. Thanks again.

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