Who’s Who?

This list will obviously change from time to time. I may even have to refer back to this page to figure out who the heck I’m talking about on occasion!

Shippie- In case I talk to myself, this is just me

Bucket- Again, in case I talk to myself, this too is me. Old nicknames are hard to let go of sometimes.

Kels- The greatest and most beautiful woman I know! She married me 11-13-06 and helped me see the beauty of living in Canada. Now if Canada will only see the beauty of ME living here and let me work!

Butthead- Also known as poolagirl, poolie, Captain Poolie, and most importantly- my awesome aunt who I actually got to take to Show and Tell once in kindergarten!! She lives in the sunny paradise of San Diego, CA

Moms- Pretty easy to figure here…this would be my mom. She too rocks, and is a total hoot to be around! She too lives in San Diego.

Papa- Another toughie eh? Yes, this would be my dad. Great guy but he lets the StepWitch rule his every move. He’d do anything for me, just so long as StepWitch doesn’t know about it.

StepWitch- Yep, the step mother….



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